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Conspiracy theorists might be RIGHT about this

It’s no secret to anyone paying attention that the economy is not doing well. While recent policy changes under the current administration are clearly having a negative impact, Dave Rubin wonders if there’s more to this story. “Do you feel like this is setting us up to build a giant system that’s not going to […]

A Conspiracy Theory

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes When you hear someone deep diving into a conspiracy theory, do you roll your eyes and then politely thank the person for sharing their paranoid thoughts with you? I do. The theory usually involves some form of complicated conjecture which is one speculation after another. Anyone who reads my columns […]

Unexpected source exposes the ‘conspiracy’ hiding Joe Biden’s decline from America — and the details are insane

As most Americans celebrate Independence Day, an unlikely source of information is New York magazine. published an exposé of the accusations About the “conspiracy of silence to protect” President Joe Biden. Americans have worried about Biden’s cognitive abilities throughout his presidency, but according to New York magazine reporter Olivia Nuzzi, the president’s cognitive decline has […]

Pew changes study to appease left-wing conspiracy theorists

The Pew Research Center has heavily revised a study about how black people feel about many U.S. institutions after external pressure from the Left. Its initial report was titled “Most Black Americans Believe Racial Conspiracy Theories About U.S. Institutions,” while the second version was titled “Most Black Americans Believe U.S. Institutions Were Designed To Hold […]

Companies pulling back on ‘Pride’— election time conspiracy?

As Pride Month draws to a close, Allie Beth Stuckey I made an interesting observation. “The stores I frequent have no Pride merchandise this year. Most did last year and one in particular had a full rainbow apparel display and has nothing this year. Has anyone else seen the same,” Stuckey wrote in response to […]

Dems claim GOP ‘conspiracy theories crumbled’ after Hunter Biden guilty verdict

Democratic lawmakers criticized Republican lawmakers for being hypocritical for not being convinced by the conviction of President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, on federal firearms charges on Tuesday. “My Republican friends have been telling me at length that Democrats have weaponized the campaign,” said Rep. Jim McGovern, a Massachusetts Democrat. [Department of Justice]But their conspiracy theories […]