Johnson, Trump, GOP plot ambitious agenda hinged on total control of government

House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-Louisiana, met with Senate Republicans on Wednesday to begin formulating an ambitious agenda for Washington if former President Trump is re-elected and Republicans regain control of the Senate and maintain their majority in the House. Republicans in Congress are increasingly confident about the prospects of the November election given President Biden’s […]

Biden Pushes Gun Control Hours After Son Convicted on Firearm Charges

President Joe Biden spoke Tuesday afternoon pleading for stricter gun control measures for Americans, just hours after his son Hunter was convicted of firearms-related charges. The speech was given at an event hosted by Everytown for Gun Safety, of which Mike Bloomberg is a member. Biden Said“In two weeks we will mark the two-year anniversary […]

Hamas, Islamic Jihad Respond to Ceasefire Proposal; Demand Control of Border

The two Iranian-backed Palestinian terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, formally responded to the US ceasefire proposal on Tuesday, demanding several changes, including border controls between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. President Joe Biden announced the three-phase plan on May 30, but did not call for Hamas to disarm and withdraw […]

Biden fails to mentions son’s conviction during gun control speech

President Biden on Tuesday addressed a gun control crowd, calling for an assault weapons ban and other measures to limit access to firearms, but made no mention of his son’s conviction just hours earlier for lying about his drug history when buying a gun. The president was speaking in Washington, D.C., before the annual training […]

NYC parents having meltdown over $14 ice cream cones: ‘It’s out of control’

Everyone is amazed at the price! Parents in Queens are outraged by a local ice cream truck’s exorbitant prices, including $14 for a waffle cone. On a scorching Tuesday afternoon, unsuspecting parents were tipping their wallets over to buy double-digit priced frosty treats from a bubblegum-pink New York Ice Cream truck set up near an […]

Hellish Mets day fitting for a season spiraling out of control

This was shaping up to be a classic day of hell for the Mets: injuries to two key players. A complete loss at home. A continued downward spiral toward irrelevance. It was all familiar for a series dedicated to the history of suffering. But then Jorge Lopez decided to have a firecracker, bleach moment. Not […]