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An ETF to play gold, silver, copper and everything in between

Paul Dietrich of B. Riley Wealth Portfolio Advisors said on “Craman Countdown” that gold “is going to perform very well.” The S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite may be breaking records, but commodities are having their own celebrations. “Whether you’re a financial advisor or an individual investor, people are concerned about inflation, and that’s certainly true […]

Records for gold, coffee, copper, cocoa: What commodity prices say about inflation

A recent string of record-high prices in commodities as different as coffee and copper may be traced back to the same underlying cause: a U.S. economy that is running hot.  The rising prices of commodities might even be a sign that the Federal Reserve is not succeeding in its efforts to drive down inflation, economists […]

The Amount of Copper Needed for EVs Is ‘Impossible for Mining Companies to Produce’

A recent study from the University of Michigan sheds light on a key challenge facing the global transition to electric vehicles: copper mining cannot keep up with increasing demand. Engineering and Technology Reports Copper, essential for the generation, distribution and storage of electricity, is crucial to the success of policies aimed at encouraging EV adoption, […]

What Could Derail The Copper Rally – OilPrice.com

via MetalMiner.com as a whole, Copper Monthly Metals Index (MMI) It increased by 17.36% from April to May. The upward trend in copper prices accelerated throughout April. The bullish momentum saw prices rise nearly 14% from the closing price at the end of March. By April 29, prices had surpassed $10,000 per ton. They continued […]

Thieves Steal Tesla’s Electric Vehicle Charging Cables for Copper in California

If Democratic-run California wants to force its residents to ride electric vehicles (EVs), Democratic-run California should start cracking down on crime. Let’s talk about the law of unintended consequences… “Thieves are targeting Tesla and other EV charging stations and stealing the heavy cables for the copper metal inside.” report NBC affiliate station in San Francisco. […]