Charlamagne Tha God Slams DEI as ‘Mostly Garbage’ and ‘Corporate PR’

breakfast club Charlamagne the God dedicated an extended segment on Comedy Central daily show He criticized DEI, calling it “almost trash” and “corporate PR.” He said he supports diversity, which is an individual component of DEI. Fairness, or thinly veiled communism. and inclusivity — Charlamagne tha God said its implementation was corrupted by companies bent […]

Killing A Mosquito With A Bazooka [Corporate Transparency Act]

You have probably seen a cop show where there is a company owned by an entity that is owned by another entity to hide the real owners. A perfect example of someone using what can be referred to as “shell companies” is Hunter Biden having more than 20 of them. Congress wants to stop these […]

Corporate profits hit record high as economy boomed in fourth quarter of 2023

Gross domestic product (GDP) and corporate profits were both lower than expected in the fourth quarter of 2023, as the ripple effects of pandemic stimulus hit the U.S. economy. Commerce Department data showed GDP grew 3.4%, lower than the strong 4.9% growth seen in the third quarter but still higher than recent expectations of 3.2%. […]

High-end outerwear company slashing corporate jobs

Check out what’s being clicked on Canada Goose is cutting its white-collar workforce. The luxury outerwear maker said Tuesday that about 17% of its employees will lose their jobs due to layoffs. This equates to approximately 915 jobs. The layoffs coincided with a restructuring of Canada Goose’s management team. This includes giving additional responsibilities […]

Canada Goose to axe 17% of its corporate staff

Canada Goose announced Tuesday it will lay off 17 per cent of its workforce and restructure executive roles. It comes just weeks after the luxury coat brand revealed declining profits due to what it called a “challenging” retail environment. The Toronto-based retailer did not say how many positions would be affected, but the number of […]

Radical lefty elites in corporate America love hating on Israel

It may be on its deathbed, but so-called ESG investing is trying to gain favor with American corporate leftist elites by pushing for divestment from Israel as it fights for survival, the Post says. I found out. Of course, the radical left loves to hate Israel. Witness the horrifying pro-Hamas demonstrations that took place on […]

Corporate America must step up to save the child tax credit

Five years ago, 181 CEOs signed a landmark agreement. statement We are committed to leading our company in the interests of our stakeholders, including our shareholders as well as our customers, workers, suppliers and the greater community. Although the pledge received positive attention, it was the subject of significant criticism. Companies will ultimately not do […]


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