White House Triggered by Poll Showing Majority Believe Joe Biden Is Corrupt

John Kirby, the National Security Council’s strategic communications coordinator, has dismissed a recent poll that found a majority of Americans believe President Joe Biden is corrupt. During a White House press conference on Wednesday, reporters told Kirby that 53% of Americans, including a quarter of Democrats, said Joe Biden “had been involved with his son […]

DeSantis would abolish ‘corrupt’ IRS

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis speaks about his new book, The Courage to Be Free, at the Air Force One Pavilion at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif., March 5, 2023. (Photo credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images) Roy Francis of OAN10:28 am – Saturday, May 27, 2023 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said he would […]

Democratic Party ‘an Elitist Cabal of Warmongers — Corrupt Politicians, Propaganda Media, Big Tech and the National Security State’

On Friday, on Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle,” former Congressman Tulsi Gabbard accused the former party of tearing the country apart. She described it as a group of villains united around the label. “I think most Democrats today aren’t addressing the fact that one issue isn’t keeping people from leaving,” said moderator Laura Ingraham. […]

‘She Is Not Corrupt’: Matt Gaetz Explains Why He Teamed Up With Ocasio-Cortez On Proposed Legislation

Republican Rep. Matt Gates of Florida explained his decision to introduce the bill on Tuesday in partnership with Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York. Gaetz and Ocasio-Cortez joined Republican Rep. Brian Fitzgerald from Pennsylvania and Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi from Illinois. introduction The bipartisan Restoring Trust to Government Act prohibits members of Congress and their […]