Bud Light Boycott Cost Tranheuser-Busch $1.4 Billion

Trannhauser-Busch claimed it had record revenues in 2023, but a boycott after Bud Light signed cross-dresser Dylan Mulvaney as a sponsor meant that its “full growth potential” in the U.S. was cut short. He admitted that he was “restricted.” That’s right, it’s “constrained” by $1.4 billion. more: In North America, organic revenue, considered the best […]

Could Joe Biden’s Natural Gas Pause Cost Dems The Senate In November?

The Biden administration’s decision to pause new liquefied natural gas (LNG) approvals in January could shake up Pennsylvania’s 2024 election cycle and jeopardize Democratic control of the Senate, Pennsylvanians say. a political analyst told the Daily Caller News Foundation. Democratic Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey is in a tight race with Republican challenger Dave McCormick to […]

Hampton Jitney warns of cost hikes when NYC congestion pricing takes effect

Hampton Jitney, a popular bus company that transports New Yorkers to and from the Hamptons, has warned that it may be forced to increase ticket prices if New York City’s impending congestion pricing goes into effect. Under the city’s fee proposal, private bus companies would pay twice as much to shuttle passengers from Manhattan to […]

Maryland property tax assessment error could cost $250M

The Maryland General Assembly is considering a legislative solution to address the problem of missed deadlines for mailing property tax assessments, a mistake that affected approximately 107,000 notices and resulted in no action being taken. The move could cost local governments about $250 million over three years, state officials said Thursday. Every year, Maryland reassesses […]

Average home insurance cost in the US surged 23% in January: report

The average price of home insurance rose 23% in January from a year earlier, and in some states, premiums hit inflation-hit homeowners by more than 60%, according to a recent report. Natural disasters and rising construction costs have pushed the national average for insurance on a $250,000 home to $1,759 a year, or about $147 […]

Record-high credit card interest rates cost consumers $25 billion in 2023: report

According to one study, the average annual percentage rate (APR) on credit cards nearly doubled from 12.9% in 2013 to 22.8% in 2023, costing consumers about $25 billion in interest fees last year. new analysis By the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The average annual interest rate reached a record high late last year, according […]


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