Nic Claxton counters foul tactics with FT success in Nets’ win

For one night, “Hack-a-Clax” did not work. Nick Claxton said he was not bothered by this strategy but wished it could have been avoided. It was the second time in a week that the Thunder intentionally fouled the Nets' big man, hoping to capitalize on a mistake at the free-throw line. Claxton is almost ready […]

A capitol protest counters antisemitism as Israeli troops enter Gaza hospital

The massive pro-Israel demonstrations in Washington were more important than they first appeared. Indeed, there are always protests in the capital. But the news offered a rebuttal to what has been dominating the news lately: Pro-Hamas demonstrations around the world, rising anti-Semitism, and increasingly negative coverage of Israel over Gaza’s largest hospital siege. . ‘It’s […]

Brandon Nimmo counters Tommy Pham’s Mets work ethic diss

PHILADELPHIA — Tommy Pham may not have thought of the Mets as the hardest-working group of position players he’s ever been involved with, but one of the veteran outfielder’s former teammates echoes that sentiment. I have doubts about the relevance of “At the end of the day, results matter in this game,” Brandon Nimmo told […]

SEC Counters Ripple in Effort to Appeal Groundbreaking XRP Ruling – CoinDesk

Whether Ripple violated securities laws in making XRP available to retail investors by listing it on a cryptocurrency exchange is a matter that absolutely requires appeals court intervention, U.S. Securities said. The Trade Commission (SEC) argued on Friday. SEC submitted a response In response to a Ripple memo making opposing allegations as part of an […]

Larry Elder counters Ramasamy’s Trump pardon challenge with his own targeting ‘Soros-funded’ DAs

First appearance of Fox: Republican presidential candidate Larry Elder Republican front-runner Vivek Ramaswamy has responded to a challenge to promise a pardon to former President Trump if elected with his own challenge targeting a “Soros-financed” district attorney. Ramaswamy promised Tuesday They promised to pardon Trump if elected president and called on each other’s primary campaigns […]

Jewish group counters UFT in special education funding spat

Orthodox unions fight back against teachers’ unions 6 figure ad buy Asked the City Council to approve, over strong UFT opposition, the provision of interest-free loans of up to two years to religious schools and other private schools. Ads are posted on Facebook and YouTube and micro-target other websites in most city council districts, including […]

60-year-old punk rocker from popular 90s band counters Bud Light boycotts, vows to add Anheuser-Busch products to tour rider to ‘p*** off … dimwitted bigots’

The lead guitarist for 90s punk rock band The Offspring has been accused of partnering with controversial transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney after several high-profile musicians accused Bud Light. has pledged to support Anheuser-Busch products. 60-year-old rocker Kevin John Wasserman, better known asnoodlesHe and his Offspring bandmates responded to country music legend Travis’ professed boycott with […]


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