Fred Couples drops a Masters bomb on Greg Norman, LIV Golf amid ticket snafu

The rivalry between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour is in full swing at the 88th Annual Masters Tournament. Earlier this week, Playing Through reported that LIV CEO Greg Norman was denied a ticket to Augusta National. Norman’s son, Greg Jr., confirmed this via social media. Still, he walked through the gate and bought a […]

Colombia’s Capital Begins Water Rationing, Asks Couples to Bathe Together

Colombia’s capital Bogotá will begin phasing out water rationing for at least a year starting Thursday, Mayor Carlos Fernando Galán announced on Monday. Garan claimed Limited access to running water It aims to alleviate drought caused by the El Niño weather pattern, which has seen water levels in reservoirs supplying Colombia’s capital drop to “alert” […]

Masters: Fred Couples fires Tiger Woods warning shot after practice round

Tiger Woods believes he can win the Masters. That’s what he himself said on Tuesday, despite the injuries, illnesses and rehab he’s had to endure over the past few years. But Fred Couples, a close aide to Woods, agrees. “I don’t think he ever thought about qualifying,” Couples said Tuesday. “Can he win here? Yeah. […]

More than 200 couples marry at ‘Elope at the Eclipse’ event in Arkansas

More than 200 couples wed at an event held in Russellville, Arkansas, on Monday, just before the total solar eclipse. The event, titled “Elope at the Eclipse,” drew hundreds of people to tie the knot at the moment of totality. CNN and Field report. Complete combustion there lasted four minutes. The ceremony was scheduled to […]

Italian wedding traditions that couples still incorporate into their big day

Culture is full of traditions. If you’ve heard of a cultural tradition, it’s most likely related to food or weddings. Wedding traditions span many cultures, and for Italians, weddings and food go hand in hand. Italian culture has traditional customs that are woven into every part of your wedding day, some even starting the night […]

Blessings for Same-Sex Couples ‘Western Imperialism’

ROME — The Vatican’s decision to allow priests to bless same-sex couples is seen as imposing Western customs on Africa and a form of “cultural colonization,” a leading African cardinal said. . On March 17th interview Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo, president of the Symposium of Bishops’ Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM), said in an interview […]

Kevin O’Leary ‘forbids’ couples from merging finances

‘Shark Tank’ star and investor Kevin O’Leary says he ‘forbids’ couples to combine financially, saying that a lack of one’s own financial identity can lead to problems if one’s personal life deteriorates. It warns that this could lead to dire consequences. “In this society, you have to maintain your own financial identity. You have to. […]

Kevin O’Leary ‘forbids’ couples to merge their finances, warns lacking financial identity could spell disaster

Kevin O’Leary, Chairman of O’Leary Ventures, talks about what’s happened in the wake of COVID-19, concerns about recession, and the importance of maintaining your financial identity. ‘Shark Tank’ star and investor Kevin O’Leary says he ‘forbids’ couples to combine financially, saying that a lack of one’s own financial identity can lead to problems if one’s […]

VA expands IVF coverage to single veterans and same-sex couples: ‘Equity of access’

The Department of Veterans Affairs announced Monday: Expanding the scope of in vitro fertilization Single, unmarried veterans and same-sex couples are eligible, according to one department. press release. Previously, only married veterans were able to produce their own sperm. [and] The Department of Veterans Affairs announced this week that it would expand infertility treatment to […]


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