Thanks to Jimmy Carter, America’s courts look more like America

I often ask Georgetown law students what is the most amazing thing they learned in my class on American presidents and federal justice. Among them, there is one name that always leads the discussion. President Jimmy Carter. Even though he has retained his reputation as the only president since Zachary Taylor stepped down. without it […]

America’s border crisis, Biden’s immigration policy, and the courts

In the recent New York Times Opinion article, Dara Lind The chairman of the U.S. Immigration Council asks: But she admits that if the exception to the rule were true, many people would stay here and pursue their cases. According to Lind, the answer is an increase in the number of arrests at borders historically […]

‘Out Of Control’: Diversity Initiatives Exploded At Top Office For Federal Courts In 2022 

The Department of Justice’s 2022 Annual Report, released Tuesday, said the Administrative Office of the United States Courts (AO) is committed to “improving and supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Department of Justice workforce.” It highlights “several initiatives” that it is working on. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives are growing within AO, from […]

Left Looks to Courts to Change Policy Where They Can’t Get Elected

Left-wing activists have targeted district courts as a means to achieve policy goals in unelected neighborhoods. according to report From the Alliance for Consumers (AFC), trial attorneys advance pollution claims to change public order. and letter Speaking to Republican governors, AFC Executive Director OH Skinner said: Pollution Litigation Policy Priorities” According to Skinner, the goal […]

Americans Say Courts Putting Too Many Criminals Back on the Streets

Voters are most likely to think courts are putting too many criminals back on the streets, according to a Rasmussen Report survey released this week. investigation Asked Respondents asked, “Which is closer to your view, courts sending too many criminals to prison or courts putting too many criminals back on the streets?” Public safety issues […]

Supreme Court’s conservatives cast doubt on student loan forgiveness program

A conservative Supreme Court justice questioned President Biden’s student debt forgiveness plan in oral argument Tuesday. Judges were skeptical that Congress had given the Biden administration enough power to forgive billions of dollars in student loans. But conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett joined the court’s three liberals in questioning whether a group of Republican-led states […]