North Carolina lawmaker looking to peel back COVID-era provision being used in protests

Republican state Sen. Buck Newton (NC) is pushing legislation in the North Carolina legislature that would repeal a COVID-era provision allowing the broad use of masks for health and safety purposes. Masks were widely used during the pandemic, especially in 2020 and early 2021, but as the health crisis continued, their effectiveness in preventing the […]

Time is running out to claim this COVID-era tax credit, IRS warns

(NEXSTAR) – There are less than two weeks left until tax credits created during the COVID-19 pandemic expire. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), people who have not yet filed their 2020 tax return may also be eligible for the Recovery Rebate Credit, but must do so by the May 17, 2024 deadline. There […]

California fights for federal tax dollars to cover $300M it spent on COVID-era housing program

California could be forced to pay at least $300 million it spent on coronavirus-era housing programs after the Federal Emergency Management Agency capped reimbursements in a “retroactive” rule change. announced. new york post report. In March 2020, California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom instituted Project Room Key, a program to house homeless people in vacant hotel […]

Wisconsin Gov. Evers finds $170M in federal funds to continue COVID-era childcare subsidies

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers says he will use newfound federal money to continue the pandemic-era child care subsidy program for another year and a half, discouraging Republican lawmakers from putting more money into the program. The announcement was made on Monday after the request was rejected. Evers administration officials announced Monday that they will continue […]

Up to $135 billion in COVID-era unemployment benefits stolen by fraudsters, watchdog finds

A recent report from a government watchdog agency found that unemployment benefits during the coronavirus era ranged from $100 billion to $135 billion. stolen by a scammer. The Government Accountability Board released its September report. report The title is “Estimated fraud during pandemic likely $100 billion to $135 billion.” The agency’s latest estimate is more […]

Biden administration urges states to slow removal of Medicaid recipients as COVID-era coverage ends

The Biden administration on Monday urged states to delay eliminating Medicaid lists, citing concerns that large numbers of low-income people are losing health coverage for administrative reasons. Medicaid enrollment in the country skyrocketed during the coronavirus pandemic as states were barred from canceling insurance coverage for their citizens. But that stopped in April, and states […]

Researchers Retract Over 300 COVID-Era Medical Papers For Scientific Errors, Ethical Concerns

At least 330 coronavirus-related medical papers have been retracted since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, according to watchdog Retraction Watch, many for scientific and ethical flaws. Many of the papers published There were few publications in small, low-impact publications, but many in influential journals such as the highly prestigious Lancet and Science. Topics covered […]