Ex-NHL Star P.K. Subban Cracks Joke About Lizzo’s Weight — Woke Mob Attacks

Former National Hockey League (NHL) star PK Subban joked about left-wing pop star Lizzo Tuesday night when discussing ESPN’s NHL playoff game. When Subban analyzed Game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoff series between the Florida Panthers and the Toronto Maple Leafs, his co-host John Butchgross suggested that Toronto should “pack lunch” after losing. After […]

China Cracks Down on Formerly Tolerated Hui Muslims

radio free asia (RFA) reported on Thursday about the plight of Hui Muslims. Hui Muslims are China’s “other Muslims,” ​​and their more comfortable existence has often been presented by China’s tyranny as a defense against allegations of human rights violations against Uyghur Muslims. Hui tribe probably a model On how Islam is defended in harmony […]

Biden admin cracks down on air conditioners as war on appliances continues

The Biden administration this week announced updated consumer electronics regulations targeting air conditioners, which it said would reduce the country’s carbon footprint. The regulation, announced by the Department of Energy (DOE) on Thursday, finalizes energy efficiency standards for home air conditioners, window air conditioners and portable air purifiers. The DOE said the move would cut […]

MLB cracks down on Max Scherzer’s attempt to exploit pitch clock

JUPITER, Fla. — It took just hours from Max Scherzer’s first experiment with the league’s pitch clock to send a memo clarifying the rules the Mets right-hand man tried to exploit. bottom. A league-wide email of Major League Baseball delivered late Friday night highlighted the fact that a quick pitch is an illegal pitch. A […]

Mexico Cracks Down on Migrants Sneaking to U.S. Border

Mexico’s National Institute of Migration (INM) is stepping up its efforts to find, detain and remove migrants who did not apply for asylum before heading to the United States. The agency has blocked more than 400 immigrants from her in the past six days. Roundups included transport hubs, storage depots, and patrols in Operation Rio […]

Texas congressman introduces anti-gun registry bill as ATF cracks down on gun stores

First fox: Texas Republican Congressman Michael Cloud Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) destroys gun purchase records in its database when the agency cracks down on gun stores. Cloud on Wednesday reintroduced a no-keep-all-guns law in a system that limits your (no registry) rights. This requires ATF to destroy all purchase records in […]

Days ahead of tight re-election bid, Chicago mayor cracks down on airport homeless encampments

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has vowed to remove the homeless encampment at Chicago O’Hare International Airport that was blown up by Democrat Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez. ‘ warned about Chicago’s burgeoning homeless crisis. “Basically, you can never let homeless people sleep in airports,” Lightfoot, who is facing re-election, said at a press conference on Thursday. […]