Blaze News investigates: AI-generated content may replace news aggregation, but it cannot ‘craft the prose that moves humans’

AI-generated content has been permeating the media sector for the past few years, raising questions about how it will affect the credibility of journalism and other digital content in the coming years. “Content Solutions“A company called Adbon Recently in the spotlight After being slammed for creating AI-generated content and using fake bylines for product reviews, […]

FBI to examine possible debris of Chinese spy craft found by Alaskan fishermen

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Minnesota craft brewery worker knocked to ground after tank explodes

A hilarious video has been posted of a Minnesota craft brewery employee being knocked off his feet by a geyser of beer and thrown across the room after a tank exploded. Back Channel Brewing Company posted a video of the explosion on Instagram, featuring an employee named Brendan Babcock. Video showed a torrent of beer […]

White House Huddles With Groups Funded By Left-Wing Orgs To Craft ‘Fair’ AI Policy

The White House held a meeting Friday with representatives from various organizations backed by left-leaning groups to develop policies related to artificial intelligence (AI), according to documents and disclosures. The groups discussed the Biden administration's efforts to develop AI policies that promote “fair, open, and competitive markets,” according to a Saturday statement from the White […]

W.H.O. Will Not Craft Trans Guidelines for Minors, Cites ‘Limited’ Evidence

The United Nations medical agency, the World Health Organization (WHO), will not develop transgender medical guidelines for minors, citing “limited” evidence about long-term outcomes. agency announced January 15th: This scope is intended only for adults and does not address the needs of children and adolescents. This is because research shows that the evidence base for […]

Chinese spy craft communicated with China via US internet provider: report

A new report has revealed that a Chinese spy plane that flew over the United States earlier this year was communicating with mainland China through American internet providers. Two current and one former Biden administration official told NBC News in a report Thursday that the plane primarily used a U.S. internet provider to receive navigation […]