Creepy new voice cloning coming to iPhone

In this era of ultra-personalized technology, Apple has made the leap from responding to your voice to mimicking it. Imagine this. I’m half-watching “The Crown”, half-scrolling through endless emails from the comfort of my couch, and I hear my FaceTime ring. A voice like your friend greets you. It’s like walking into an episode of […]

Creepy new Siri voice cloning coming to iPhone

In this era of ultra-personalized technology, Apple’s Siri has made the leap from responding to your voice to mimicking it. Imagine this. You’re half-watching The Crown, half-scrolling through endless emails, and you hear it. It’s your voice that reminds me about the early morning meeting tomorrow. It’s like being in an episode of “Black Mirror”. […]

Creepy, barnacle-covered demon dolls found — and now you can own one

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. I hope it applies to anyone who ends up acquiring a hideous, barnacle-covered doll found on a Texas beach, which is currently being auctioned off to raise money for a local wildlife conservation group. It is put on A creepy plastic demon baby was found 40 miles south […]

How creepy augmented reality enables seeing through walls

Artificial intelligence is just one small area of ​​rapidly growing technology. The latest technological advancement at MIT is augmented reality. Researchers are now working on devices to help people see through walls and other barriers. It may sound creepy, but it also has some powerful advantages. We got some more information about how this device […]

Could these creepy dead stuffed birds be used as drones for the military?

Remember the satirical “birds not real” conspiracy theory that took the internet by claiming that birds were government surveillance drones, not real animals? You may want to keep your wings, as it seems that you have accidentally made the What are these “bird drones”? In a landmark project released by the National Institute of Aeronautics […]

Criminal profiler reveals John Wayne Gacy’s creepy demands

A prominent crime profiler shares a bizarre request that put him off trying to interview notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Almost 30 years after the so-called “killer clown” was murdered. Psychoanalyst John Kerry explained in an interview with Fox News Digital this week When he contacted Gacy in 1993, the death row inmate responded […]

OpenAI and Figure develop terrifyingly creepy humanoid robots for the workforce

Have you ever been glued to the screen while watching a movie like “Terminator” or “Westworld” and thought, “Wow! I hope it’s fiction!” Now it’s time for a reality check. Movies like this are getting closer to reality with each passing day. Click to get Kurt’s free CYBERGUY newsletter with quick tips, tech reviews, security […]

Creepy ChatGPT robot EVE looks like this — and will take over jobs

AI enthusiasts may soon be able to interact directly with ChatGPT or similar systems. Chatbot parent company OpenAI is working with robotics companies to develop bold new robot prototypes powered by cutting-edge AI systems. Photos of latent humanoid forms make users wonder if they are seeing a new face of artificial intelligence. OpenAI recently invested […]

Don’t let creepy scammers trick you into giving them access to your computer

I recently received a warning email from Dan. Here’s what he had to say about the alleged scam: “Hackers tried to access my computer using They showed me a screenshot of someone trying to transfer money from my bank account to South Carolina. when they asked me for my info i figured out what […]