Indulgences of the rich fueling urban water crises: study

A new study finds that the urban water crisis is largely caused by “unsustainable consumption” on the part of elite city dwellers, such as swimming pools and well-watered gardens. Research published in natural sustainability, using Cape Town, South Africa, to study the consumption habits of wealthy city dwellers compared to poor people. It found that […]

Trump offers unique solution to bank crises, in slam at ‘interest-rate-happy’ Fed chair

Former President Donald Trump Suggests Fed Chairman Jay Powell Focuses Too Much on Interest Rates While Offering Energy-Based Alternative Economic Adjustments Following Recent Bank Collapses bottom. Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank – the latter featured former lawmakers as bank regulatory architects. The board of directors of Bernie Frank, Massachusetts, has collapsed in the past […]

As California contends with compounding crises, what’s at stake in farm bill negotiations

California officials push to expand financial protection available to farmers in upcoming federal farm bill as state’s large farm industry battles drought, wildfires and other extreme weather doing. “The Farm Bill is a safety net,” California Department of Food and Agriculture Secretary Karen Ross told the state Senate Agriculture Committee. Hearings earlier this month. “But […]

The Federal Reserve Increases Interest Rates amid Banking Crises

The Federal Reserve continued to raise interest rates by a quarter percent (25 basis points) on Wednesday. This has been the subject of speculation by financial experts as the central bank’s emphasis on curbing soaring inflation and banking system stability. This increase is the same point increase that we had in February before the recent […]

NYC DOE opens ’emergency operations center’ for crises

The Department of Education is opening a 24-hour emergency operations center to initiate a “coordinated rapid response” to the city’s schools during a crisis, the Post learned. The EOC is scheduled to open on March 15th. The superintendent or her designee is to call or email the center in situations that “disrupt the operation of […]

Biden’s balloon response continues admin’s pattern of keeping quiet on domestic crises

President Biden this week resisted calls for transparency about objects shot down by U.S. forces in U.S. airspace, continuing a trend he has shown over past months of crises that have cast doubt on his administration’s capabilities. “President Biden owes the American people some answers,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Monday on the […]