California educational leaders push CRT lessons that praise Marxist who looked up to Osama bin Laden

California public school leaders, including elected school boards, senior administrators and ethnic studies teachers, are behind a “liberation” consulting agency whose curriculum glorifies communism, reports Friday said. , including one of the activists who expressed support for Osama bin Laden. The Institute for Liberal Values ​​said in a report, “These policies instill in schoolchildren a […]

Residents Assistants at Baylor University Undergo CRT Training

Students working as Resident Assistants (RAs) at Baylor University had to take a “Cultural Humility” course based on Critical Race Theory (CRT). course syllabus, obtained To campus reformreveals that students were taught some of the core tenets of the CRT. The class was officially titled A section on “Christian Leadership in Housing Communities” and on […]

College president says school won’t hire CRT proponents

Southern Wesleyan University president Bill Barker says the school won’t hire anyone who supports critical racial theories. “We made it very clear that SWU is based on important racial theories, and we made it very clear in our hiring process,” Barker fix“We’re not hiring people — the Board of Trustees have been supporting this […]

California school district in chaos over CRT criticism

California school district meetings have been thrown into chaos this week. A woman was reportedly told to “get out of the country” after a black man criticized the commission for hiring a consultant on anti-critical race theory. and live stream In the minutes of the enthusiastic Wednesday meeting, officials told the Temecula Valley Unified School […]

‘Empower Hotline’ launched for parents to report educators teaching CRT, gender ideology in Arizona public schools

Last week, Arizona Superintendent Tom Horn (R) announced that the state’s Ministry of Education Launched an “Empowerment Hotline” for parents to report public school educators who teach students critical race theory, gender ideology, and other “inappropriate” lessons. KPNX-TV report. Democratic Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs claimed that CRT was not taught in the state’s public schools. […]

EXCLUSIVE: Parent Org Critiques Arizona Hotline Created To Report Teachers For CRT Lessons

The Arizona Department of Education has set up a hotline for parents and community members to report teachers promoting critical racial theories, gender ideologies, and other “inappropriate lessons” in the classroom. opened. In a letter to the department obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation, Parents Defending Education (PDE) Action, a nonpartisan policy group, said […]