5 Best Cryptocurrencies for Beginners to Buy Now – CryptoDaily

table of contents Altcoins attract more investment while Bitcoin faces resistance Alternative coins outpace Bitcoin growth amid booming Web3 market and growing interest in digital assets We may be on the cusp of a possible alt season. Underpinning this change is the robust expansion of markets that are attractive to both institutional and retail traders, […]

Top 5 cryptocurrencies by network activity to buy in January 2024 – Finbold – Finance in Bold

The use of cryptocurrencies constitutes an important part of its demand and price formation. This usage can be measured through two different metrics: network activity or daily address activity (DAA). Notably, Finvold has researched cryptocurrencies. Dashboard from Santimento On December 23rd, we discovered the five cryptocurrencies with the most network activity. Notably, Bitcoin (BTC) leads […]

3 cryptocurrencies under $5 to buy next week – Finbold – Finance in Bold

The cryptocurrency market is an area full of opportunity. While well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) often get the spotlight, there are also many hidden gems trading for under $5. These lesser-known altcoins have huge growth potential. However, it is essential to be aware that this comes with an increased level of risk. […]

Top 3 cryptocurrencies under $0.10 to buy next week – Finbold – Finance in Bold

The current virtual currency market is showing a significant surge and is attracting the attention of investors. While cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to garner attention for their remarkable performance, there is growing interest in more budget-friendly alternatives. For investors with a higher risk tolerance, allocating between 10% and 20% of your invested […]

Cryptocurrencies drop following week of regulatory crackdown

O’Leary Ventures Chairman Kevin O’Leary discusses plans to build an oil refinery on “The Klaman Countdown,” reacting to the SEC lawsuit against crypto exchanges Binance and Coinbase. The cryptocurrency fell Saturday after a week of lawsuits being filed against exchanges and the delisting of some tokens. Bitcoin fell more than 2%, trading at around $25,700. […]