Trump Is ‘Existential Threat’; GOP Is a Cult that Needs to Lose in 2024

Former FBI Director James Comey said Tuesday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that former President Donald Trump is an “existential threat” to the country. He also called the Republican Party a cult. “Given his FBI career, how big of a threat would it be to see a former president back in the running for the […]

‘Miller Lite has joined the woke cult’: Beer brand appears to hide ultra-feminist ad released before Bud Light boycott, but internet sleuths are all over it

Despite the company’s efforts to silence its campaign amid the Bud Light boycott, a Mirror Light commercial released during Women’s History Month in March recently resurfaced and made headlines online. . The feminist ad, published March 7, apologizes on behalf of the entire beer industry for past campaigns featuring women in bikinis. In this commercial, […]

Soccer wife Rebekah Vardy details growing up in ‘cult’: It was ‘dangerous’

She is a media personality, a popular WAG, and the mother of five children. And now Rebecca Vardy is speaking out about the trauma she endured while growing up as a Jehovah’s Witness. She now likens her experience to being in her “cult”. The 41-year-old media personality, who is married to English footballer Jamie Vardy, […]

More Than 200 Bodies Recovered, 600 Still Missing In Alleged Starvation Cult

Authorities have reportedly recovered more than 200 emaciated corpses from a mass grave in Kenya, reportedly belonging to members of a starvation cult who were encouraged to starve to death to obtain salvation. there is Authorities were warned in April of a possible mass burial on a sprawling 800-acre property in eastern Kenya’s Shakahora Forest […]

Accused Texas gunman Francisco Oropesa reportedly had ‘death cult’ shrine

The Mexican illegal immigrant who allegedly shot five of his Texas neighbors had a “death cult” shrine in his bedroom and was seen with candles burning two days after the massacre. rice field. Law enforcement sources who saw the scene told the Center for Immigration Studies Francisco Oropesa’s elaborate shrine honored the “Santa Muerte Death […]

Kenya pastor arrested after 39 bodies dug up in cult investigation

NAIROBI, KENYA — So far, 39 bodies have been found on land owned by a pastor in coastal Kenya. This pastor was arrested for telling his followers to fast and die. Malindi Sub-County Police Chief John Kemboi said no shallow graves have yet been dug on land owned by Reverend Paul McKenzie, who was arrested […]

Transgender Agenda Cult Bud Light

Why would a brand like Bud Light make marketing decisions that lose customers and money, like promoting transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney? It may seem like a mystery, but Steve Deace has some answers. He said, “People still believe that we have this neutral mechanism in our culture called the ‘market’ that eventually sifts and filters […]