‘Democrats Do Not Give A Damn’: Ted Cruz Blasts Biden’s Border Crisis

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on Monday slammed President Joe Biden’s border crisis on an episode of his podcast “The Verdict with Ted Cruz.” The senator said “Democrats don’t care” about the influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border, including fugitives who evade border security and disappear into the United States. Into the lion’s den: […]

‘Stick a Fork’ in DeSantis — ‘He’s Just So Damn Unlikable’

MSNBC contributor Donnie Deutsch said Thursday on “Deadline” that he believes Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R-Fla.) presidential campaign is effectively over because it’s “unlikable.” . Deutsch said, “Let’s stick a fork in him. We can stick a long fork in him.” He continued, “This is a simple example of putting politics aside and subverting politics in […]

Biden mocks Trump’s ‘infrastructure week’: ‘He didn’t build a damn thing’

President Biden attacked former President Trump on Monday during a fundraiser in his predecessor’s hometown of New York City. Biden praised his efforts on infrastructure investment, including signing the bipartisan Infrastructure Act of 2021. He also said that under the previous government, “Infrastructure Week” had become a “joke”. “He didn’t create much,” Biden said in […]

Trump ‘Didn’t Build a Damn Thing’

President Joe Biden used his Labor Day speech to attack his predecessor, Donald Trump, by claiming the famous real estate mogul “didn’t build anything outrageous.” Speaking at a Labor Day rally in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, President Biden said infrastructure had become a “punchline” under Trump. “Guess what? Great real estate builder, last man […]

’60 Damn Years’: Victims Advocate Rails Against Dems For Chasing ‘Ghost Of Slavery Past’ Amid Crumbling Infrastructure

Victims of crime advocacy group Madelyn Brahm said on Tuesday’s show The Ingraham Angle that Democrats continue to bring up America’s slavery past by failing to address the fundamental issues facing African Americans. condemned. Brehm says the Democratic approach to crime and infrastructure is holding black communities back. Mr. Brehm, who describes himself as “a […]

‘Damn, it’s gonna go down!’

The dramatic video shows flames erupting from the engines of a Southwest Airlines flight from Texas to Mexico, prompting one passenger to yell, “Damn it’s going to crash!” Flight 307 left Houston’s William P. Hobby Airport on Tuesday evening en route to Cancun when its right engine exploded and caught fire. Reported by KHOU. “All […]


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