Eastern Canada’s Halifax declares emergency over wildfire

The eastern Canadian city of Halifax declared a regional emergency late Sunday after wildfires forced evacuations and power outages. “Emergency response forces are working around the clock to keep people safe and mitigate the threat posed by fires,” city officials in Nova Scotia’s capital said in a press release. The fire spread a huge cloud […]

Erdogan Declares Victory on Bus Roof in Violent Turkish Presidential Election

Turkey’s longtime influential leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan greeted his supporters with a song on a bus in Istanbul on Sunday night and declared victory in the second round of the country’s presidential elections this year. . dumayang lala, dumayang lala,Soran Lala Somayang Lala,Ben Onu Sebjorm Chock Sebjorm,Sevillaume Sevijorum. — A.K. Parti (@Akparti) May 28, […]

Incumbent President Erdogan declares victory in Turkey

Turkey’s incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared victory in the country’s runoff on Sunday, extending his increasingly authoritarian rule to 30 years. Nearly 99% of the ballot boxes were opened, and unofficial results from competing news agencies showed Erdogan winning 52% of the vote against his rival Kemal Kirikdaroglu’s 48%. In his first comments since […]

Michigan county declares itself to be a sanctuary for ‘constitutional rights’

A county in western Michigan declared itself a “constitutional county” to protect its residents from government overreach at the state and federal levels. More than 100 people spoke in front of the committee on Tuesday, calling Ottawa County, located between Grand Rapids and Lake Michigan,constitutional countyAfter hours of public statements, the bill passed by an […]

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper declares ‘state of emergency’ over school choice bill

Democratic North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper declared a “state of emergency” Monday to prevent the legislature from passing a school choice bill. Cooper released a video announcement declaring the state of emergency, arguing that the state of public education is “just as important” as other emergencies. “It’s time to declare a state of emergency for […]

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper declares ‘state of emergency’ for public education

RALEY, N.C. (WGHP) – North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper, despite not having his name on the ballot, has spared no words and attacked the Republican-controlled General Assembly, this time calling for “public education.” A state of emergency has been declared,” he said. Cooper loses veto vote About pistol permits and, Rebuilding abortion rights He campaigned […]

NC Gov Declares ‘State of Emergency for Public Education’

Democratic North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper (Democrat) Declared A “state of emergency for public education” was declared Monday over a Republican-led effort to encourage school choice. Expanding State Private School Voucher Program. In a video speech posted on social media, Cooper argued that Republican lawmakers were “dropping an atomic bomb on public education” by extending […]

Democrat governor declares ‘state of emergency’ over GOP-controlled legislature’s plan to increase school choice in North Carolina

Democratic Governor of North Carolina slammed He was criticized by critics for declaring an “educational emergency” after the Republican-controlled Congress voted to pass the school choice. In a televised address on Monday, Roy Cooper accused the Republican Party of trying to “starve public education” and “drop an atomic bomb on public education.” “It’s clear that […]

NAACP declares Florida is not safe for black people, so Florida GOP chairman offers top NAACP leader irresistible gift

The NAACP issued a travel advisory for Florida over the weekend. Ironically, the NAACP board chair lives in Florida. The NAACP board said Saturday that the recommendation is necessary to counter Florida’s “aggressive attempts to erase black history and limit diversity, equity, and inclusion programs in Florida schools.” claimed. What are your recommendations? officially recommended […]