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Sean Hannity: Joe Biden is in clear cognitive decline

Fox News host Sean Hannity responded to concerns about President Biden’s reelection as Americans question the president’s health.Hannity” Sean Hannity: The national media mob is in chaos tonight. The Democratic Party is in total disarray, but the signs are clear: Joe Biden is running for president, and, at least for now, he will be running […]

Brown Covered Up Biden’s ‘Mental Decline,’ but ‘Gig Is Up’

Ohio Republican Senate candidate Bernie Moreno appeared outside Sen. Sherrod Brown’s (D-Ohio) office on Thursday morning to reportedly declare that his cover-up of President Joe Biden’s “mental decline” is “done.” In a post on Thursday, Andrew Desiderio, a senior congressional reporter for Punchbowl News, shared a photo of Moreno appearing to be talking with several […]

India’s Population To Peak In Early 2060s To 1.7 Billion, Then Decline: UN

India’s population is projected to peak at about 1.7 billion in the early 2060s and then decline by 12%. united nations: The United Nations has said India’s population is projected to peak at about 1.7 billion in the early 2060s and then decline by 12 percent, but will remain the world’s most populous country throughout […]

Physician in Congress says Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is obvious

With President Joe Biden’s health “clearly deteriorating,” the U.S. doesn’t have a commander in chief who will “stand strong, think hard and think hard for the American people in a time of crisis,” says North Carolina’s only serving lawmaker who is also a physician. “During my time in office, I’ve watched so many people slip […]

Laura Ingraham: Democrats are ‘simply managing decline’

Fox News host Laura Ingraham said the choice between Democrats, who are “simply dealing with decline,” and former President Trump was “Ingram’s Viewpoint” Laura Ingraham: Biden’s policies Therein lies the problem. His debate was terrible, but the real issues here are policies: inflation, rising food and fuel prices, less money in the pockets of working […]