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British female politicians targeted by fake pornography | Deepfake

Female British politicians have fallen victim to fake porn, with their faces used in nude images created using artificial intelligence. Political candidates who have been targeted by the popular fake porn website include Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner, Education Secretary Gillian Keegan, MP Penny Mordaunt, former Home Secretary Priti Patel and Labour backbencher Stella Creasy. […]

Australia To Outlaw Sharing Deepfake Pornography Without Consent

The bill is expected to be introduced in Parliament next week. Sydney: The Australian government has announced new legislation that would make it a criminal offence to share deepfake pornographic images without the person’s consent. The bill, due to be introduced in Parliament next week, would impose prison sentences of up to six years for […]

CEO of WPP falls victim to deepfake scam

WPP’s CEO became the victim of an elaborate deepfake scam in which his boss’ voice was cloned to solicit money and personal information from employees. Mark Read, CEO of WPP, a London-based communications and advertising company whose clients include Dell, Wendy’s, Victoria’s Secret and Coca-Cola, has a WhatsApp account that appears to be his own. […]

CEO of world’s biggest ad firm targeted by deepfake scam | Technology

The head of the world’s largest advertising group has been targeted in an elaborate deepfake scam using artificial intelligence voice clones. WPP CEO Mark Read detailed the attempted fraud in a recent email to management and urged other employees at the company to be wary of calls from management. I warned you. Emails obtained by […]

Humanity is one convincing deepfake away from a global catastrophe

Last year 40th anniversary An almost apocalyptic situation. September 26, 1983, Russian Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov refused to report Passed allegedly false information to his superiors detailing a nuclear attack from the United States. His inaction prevented a Russian retaliatory attack and the global nuclear exchange that would result. Thus he saved billions of lives. […]

Deepfake Audio Of Philippine President Urging Military Action Against China Sparks Concerns

The Presidential Community Communications Office (PCO) issued a public warning In a horrifying incident, a fabricated audio clip of Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. instructing the military to respond to China has caused great alarm among Manila government officials. They warn that this could have implications for the country’s foreign policy. The doctored audio includes […]

LA students, parents warned about spreading deepfake nude photo threat

Several Los Angeles-area school districts have investigated instances of “inappropriate” artificial intelligence-generated images of students circulating online and in text messages in recent months. Most recently, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) announced it was investigating “the alleged creation and dissemination of inappropriate photos within the Fairfax High School community,” the district told Fox […]

Anti-Trump groups are quietly planning for a deepfake election crisis

Last month, dozens of prominent U.S. government and state officials, advocacy groups and executives from major tech companies gathered in New York to participate in an important mock election exercise. The wargaming exercise simulated a hypothetical crisis in which AI-generated photos and videos were published on social media just before the 2024 election. The images […]

Officials Investigate Spread of AI-Generated Deepfake Porn at California High School

An investigation has been launched into allegations that inappropriate digital photos were created and shared within a school community in Los Angeles, California. Fairfax High School investigation surrounding Fox 11 report On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Unified School District noted in a statement that the photos were allegedly created and shared via a third-party messaging […]