U.S. Army Vessels Beached as Heavy Seas Hit Gaza Aid Deliveries

On Saturday, four U.S. military vessels attempting to help deliver humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip were pulled from their moorings by rough seas. Two of the ships are stranded along the Israeli coast near Ashkelon, while the other two are anchored on shore near a temporary pier built and set up by the U.S. […]

UN plans new aid routes in Gaza after crowds halt deliveries from US-built pier

The United Nations is planning a new route for delivering aid from a US-built floating dock in the Gaza Strip after crowds blocked 11 trucks, halting deliveries for several days. The temporary jetty was erected last Thursday amid international pressure on Israel to increase supplies to the Gaza Strip. Operation Pier, announced by President Biden, […]

Daily Caller’s Vince Coglianese Lambasts Columbia Protesters Demanding ‘Chicken Nuggets’ And ‘Applesauce’ Deliveries

Daily Caller editorial director Vince Coglianese lambasted anti-Israel protesters at Columbia University for demanding “chicken nuggets and applesauce” deliveries as they barricaded a campus building. Over 200 protesters barricaded Hamilton Hall in the early hours of Tuesday morning in their attempt to occupy the campus. Johannah King-Slutzky, a PhD candidate studying a “Marxist lens” of […]

Ukraine in ‘race against time’ as Russia attacks ahead of US aid deliveries

A breakthrough vote to pass legislation authorizing additional aid for Ukraine sets the stage for “a race” between Russia‘s attacked forces and U.S. aid deliveries, with Ukrainian forces and territory hanging in the balance. “It’s a race against time,” Oleksandr Merezhko, who chairs the foreign affairs committee in the Ukrainian parliament, told the Washington Examiner. […]

Spirit Airlines to furlough 260 pilots, delay plane deliveries 

Low-cost carrier Spirit on Monday said it plans to postpone deliveries of new Airbus planes scheduled for the second quarter of 2025 to 2026 and furlough about 260 pilots as part of efforts to increase the airline’s liquidity. Announced. according to press release The new agreement with Airbus delays scheduled deliveries from 2030 to 2031 […]

Spirit Airlines to defer Airbus deliveries, furlough 260 pilots to save cash

Spirit Airlines on Monday reached an agreement with Airbus to postpone all aircraft deliveries scheduled from the second quarter of 2025 to 2026, with the U.S. airline cutting back about 260 pilots as it seeks to save money. announced that they are planning to furlough employees. The low-cost carrier announced it would postpone scheduled deliveries […]

Tesla’s weak first quarter deliveries an ‘unmitigated disaster’ for Musk

Tesla investor Ross Gerber reacted to Tesla’s first quarterly report decline in nearly four years on Craman Countdown. Tesla Quarterly Deliverablessales fell for the first time in nearly four years and fell short of Wall Street analysts’ expectations amid a fiercely competitive environment in the EV market and questions about the company’s direction. of led […]

Tesla’s Q1 Deliveries Drop 8.5% amid Production and Competition Challenges

Elon Musk’s Tesla reported an 8.5% year-on-year decline in deliveries in the first quarter of 2024, the company’s first decline since the pandemic-hit second quarter of 2020. Ta. CNBC report Tesla released its first quarter vehicle production and delivery report on Tuesday, revealing that the company delivered 386,810 vehicles in the first three months of […]