United Airlines pilots picket demanding wage increases as airlines threaten strike

Fox Business’s Lydia Hu detailed Biden’s proposed rule on “The Krumman Countdown,” which would require airlines to do more than refund delayed or canceled flights. United Airlines pilots were picketing at major airports around the country on Friday, demanding higher salaries and better work-life balance in negotiations with management over new contracts. The pilots have […]

Hollywood writers demanding studios regulate AI

Hollywood writers are demanding that they write their own happy endings instead of having artificial intelligence write them for them. Creeping advances in frighteningly realistic computing technology that allow programs to create text that closely resembles humans, script writers seek protection from attacks. replaced by machines. As part of the current negotiations between the Writers […]

Target security guard punches customer demanding ‘reparations’

Police reports say Target’s security guards punched customers during a confrontation that occurred when they asked for “compensation” while in the checkout line for grocery items over $1,000. The ugly incident occurred in October at a megastore in Blue Ash, Ohio, and began when Karen Ivery asked the cashier for her manager about bills and […]

Romanian Woman Arrested in U.S. for Demanding Cartel Extortion Payments in Mexico

US authorities helped Mexican officials arrest a Romanian woman wanted in Mexico for various extortions allegedly carried out on behalf of the Cartel Jalisco New Generation (CJNG) . The arrest took place in San Isidro, Calif., and coordinated through Interpol, Mexico, and US authorities the arrest of Iulia “N”, a Romanian national who was wanted […]