Model Jade Ramey Denies Accusations She Was ‘Sex Worker’ for Diddy

Hollywood model Jade Ramey is finally publicly responding to accusations that she was a sex worker for music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs. The lawsuit was filed by Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, Diddy’s former music producer. Mr. Jones alleged in his lawsuit that Mr. Ramey was paid to provide sex to guests during Mr. Diddy’s famous […]

Disney CEO Bob Iger denies company is ‘infusing’ messaging

Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger has denied that the organization pushes any particular message into its content, saying it is focused on providing entertainment first. insisted. Appeared on CNBC “”cry on the street”, Iger was asked about the company’s woke ideology, and host David Faber claimed that Iger was told he wanted to “get […]

Judge Cannon ruling denies bid to dismiss Trump documents case

A federal judge on Thursday denied former President Trump’s effort to dismiss the Mar-a-Lago documents lawsuit, saying more than 300 classified records recovered from his estate could be considered personal records. insisted. The ruling, by U.S. District Judge Eileen Cannon, calls for the immediate rejection of President Trump’s claim that the Presidential Records Act (PRA) […]

Judge Denies Trump’s Bid To Dismiss Classified Docs Case Based On Presidential Records Act

The judge overseeing the classified documents lawsuit against former President Donald Trump on Thursday denied his motion to dismiss under the Presidential Records Act (PRA). Trump asked in February to dismiss the lawsuit under the PRA, but his lawyers said the PRA gives him “unreviewable discretion to designate the records at issue as personal.” claimed […]

Georgia judges denies Donald Trump’s motion to dismiss charges on First Amendment grounds

Fani Willis forgets this case isn’t about her: John Yoo Former Assistant Attorney General John Yoo and former federal prosecutor Katie Cherkasky discuss Fulton County, Georgia, prosecutor Fani Willis’ racial comments and the gag order in former President Trump’s hush money case. A Georgia judge has rejected former President Donald Trump’s motion to dismiss a […]

Ex-Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade denies paying child support: filing

Scandal-ridden special prosecutor Nathan Wade (hired by former flame Fanny Willis to handle the election fraud case against former President Trump) has been awarded $4,400 in child support and emergency medical treatment costs for his estranged wife. A new divorce report reveals that he was stingy with her. filing. Jocelyn Wade accused her ex-husband on […]

Judge Denies Hunter Biden’s Request To Dismiss Federal Tax Charges

(Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images) James Myers of OAN8:31 AM – Tuesday, April 2, 2024 A federal judge in California on Monday denied Hunter Biden’s request to dismiss all eight felony tax charges against him. advertisement In an 82-page order, District Judge Mark Scalsi rejected all eight motions filed by Biden’s lawyers. The motion was […]

Hunter Biden trial to move forward after judge denies motions to dismiss tax charges

A judge denied first son Hunter Biden’s motions to dismiss the tax charges against him, clearing the way for his trial in June. Biden had filed eight motions to dismiss the indictment, with some using the reasoning that he was selectively prosecuted and that special counsel David Weiss was unlawfully appointed to his position. Judge […]


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