Taxpayers shouldn’t be funding the State Department’s DEI pseudoscience

The federal government increasingly looks like an Ivy League classroom, combining therapy for fragile souls with indoctrination into specious ideology. Nowhere is this more apparent than at the State Department, in which employees are encouraged to take courses in the name of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, or DEIA, that stress their differences, trauma, and […]

Police departments warn high schoolers’ ‘Senior Assassins’ game could turn deadly

Multiple police departments are warning parents and community members that a national high school game later this week could have deadly consequences. On social media, multiple law enforcement agencies are sounding the alarm about a game called “Senior Assassin.” In this game, participants are given the name of another player and tasked with hunting, tagging, […]

GOP AGs fume over Justice Department’s plans to ‘intrude’ in states’ elections

Fox’s first appearance – State attorneys general are warning the Justice Department against a plan that Attorney General Merrick Garland says suggests an “infringement” on states’ authority to conduct elections. A group of 16 Republican prosecutors led by Indiana’s Republican Attorney General Todd Rokita on Wednesday accused Merrick of the March 3 attack at Tabernacle […]

Red flag alert! Justice Department’s new center strikes at gun rights

The U.S. Department of Justice announced Monday a new law aimed at training state and local authorities how to apply red flag laws to confiscate firearms from gun owners deemed “a threat to themselves or others.” An entirely new organization has been announced. These “red flag laws” are called “red flag laws.” extreme risk protection […]