Argentina’s Javier Milei Sends Giant Deregulation ‘Omnibus’ Bill to Congress

Argentina's President Javier Millay submitted a major omnibus bill to Congress on Wednesday. If passed, this bill would implement fundamental reforms in a wide range of areas of the Argentine state. Argentina Presidential Palace said The 351-page, 664-article law, titled “Law on the Foundations and Starting Points for Freedom in Argentina,” claims to “restore the […]

Coinbase CEO Calls for Deregulation of Artificial Intelligence – Decrypt

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong believes the U.S. should not regulate or limit the development of artificial intelligence (AI) at all, and any attempts to mitigate its negative effects should be avoided. He said this would only slow progress. “We enjoyed a golden age of software and internet innovation largely because it was unregulated,” Armstrong said […]

IUCULANO: Latest Deregulation Bill Risks Gifting China Our Meat Production

To confront China and protect American industry from its globalist ambitions, it was necessary to oppose legislation that would increase China’s control over our economic interests.This is what I call Repeal of the Agricultural Trade Suppression (EATS) Act, HR 4417/S. 2019 was led by Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-Iowa) and Senator Roger Marshall (R-Kansas). Already facing […]

Yellen warns bank deregulation may have ‘gone too far’ after SVB failure

Former Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Randall Quarles and Cornerstone Research Senior Advisor William Silver Opinion on How Governments Should Respond to Bank Failures in “Kudlow” . Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen On Thursday, it warned that weeks of turmoil within the banking industry may indicate that efforts to roll back regulations put in place […]

Democrats defend deregulation vote amid banking blame game

Democrats on Capitol Hill defend voting on the 2018 bank deregulation bill that President Biden and others blame for last week’s shocking failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank . The 49 Democrats — 33 in the House and 16 in the Senate — plus Democratic caucus participant Sen. passed. Of those, 19 are […]

Buttigieg calls on Trump to back reversing deregulation in wake of train derailment

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Thursday called on former President Trump to support the Biden administration overturning Trump-era deregulation after a train carrying dangerous chemicals derailed in Ohio. “One of the things he can do is show his support for reversing the deregulation that happened on his watch. I heard him say, so if he […]

Marco Rubio slams Buttigieg after Transportation secretary accuses GOP lawmaker of calling for deregulation

Senator Marco Rubio, Republican Florida, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg exchanged views on Twitter Tuesday about a flaming train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. Republican lawmakers accused Buttigieg of missing in a train derailment and then supposedly lied about his past support for deregulation. Pete Buttigieg receives brutally harsh scrutiny from East Palestinian parliamentarians amid […]


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