Biden Desperately Upgrades Ties with Kenya amid Africa Debacles

President Joe Biden on Thursday pledged to designate Kenya as a “major non-NATO ally” during an official visit by Kenyan President William Ruto. The elevated status, never before given to a sub-Saharan country, gives President Biden a braggadocio after a series of diplomatic disasters in Africa, while also providing a prestige shakeup for President Ruto, […]

SEAN HANNITY: Joe desperately needs the votes from the antisemites in his party

Fox News host Sean Hannity criticized President Biden’s response to anti-Israel protests on college campuses.Hannity. ” Sean Hannity: Your president, Joe Biden, is still in hiding. There’s only one private event on his calendar right now, so why would he deviate from that tight schedule? Biden is reportedly penciled in to give a speech …and […]

5 Signs You Desperately Need a Break From Social Media

In a world where the virtual world is in many ways more dominant than the real world, we tend to focus solely on children when it comes to social media limits. Articles and studies about screen time and its effects on mental growth are well-written and adjusted over time, but maybe adults need these breaks […]

Media are desperately distracting us with an agenda of hysterical noise

You’re already dead, don’t worry. We are all. The civil war started a few weeks ago, and it absolutely killed us all.As Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Will Bunch explained January 25th, “Eagle Pass is today’s Fort Sumter,” where the war began. Last month, the first shot in a nationwide conflagration was imminent. Bunch said Texas Governor […]

Chiefs desperately want Andy Reid to coach after Super Bowl

LAS VEGAS — When you see him modeling a Hawaiian shirt in a Combo Meal Nagy commercial with Patrick Mahomes, it’s hard not to root for this man who endured the tragic loss of his 29-year-old son. I can’t go. He survived a heroin overdose 12 years earlier and the imprisonment of another son, and […]

Knicks a team desperately in need of All-Star break

Logically speaking, they will eventually catch up to the Knicks. The same goes for simple arithmetic. And if you needed a hint as to how fragile and ephemeral this is, all they had to do on Tuesday night was change the lineup their opponents had on the floor at Madison Square Garden. It was just […]

5 NBA trade deadline teams who desperately need to make a deal

The 2024 NBA trade deadline is the last chance for teams to reload their rosters ahead of the playoffs or get a head start on a rebuild before the offseason. With the deadline approaching on Thursday, February 8th, many teams are likely feeling the pressure to solidify their direction as buyers or sellers. Last year’s […]