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Sean Hannity: ‘Operation dump and destroy Biden’ is underway

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Anti-Israel agitators destroy floats at New York Pride parade, block parade route

On the final day of Pride Month, anti-Israel agitators disrupted New York’s Pride Parade by blocking the route and vandalizing floats. Videos posted on social media showed a group of anti-Israel activists sitting in the street holding posters and chanting “Free Palestine” and “From the sea to the river, Palestine will be free.” “We’ve certainly […]

Will ESG Reform Capitalism—or Destroy It?

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes What “stakeholder capitalism” really means for the world.   Stakeholder capitalism has taken the global economy by storm in recent years. Its champions proclaim that it will save—and remake—the world. Will it live up to its hype or will it destroy capitalism in the name of reforming it? Proponents pitch […]

Glenn Beck: How Trump can DESTROY Biden at tonight’s debate

The first debate of the 2024 presidential election takes place tonight, and the mainstream media will be doing everything in their power to claim that Joe Biden won the debate. Glenn Beck He has his own theory about how Donald Trump could make the media’s job harder than ever. “Donald Trump might debate Joe Biden,” […]

Axios omits crucial details about economists who say Trump will destroy the economy

First appeared on FOX: The letter, signed by 16 leading economists warning of the economic dangers of former President Trump’s election, has been circulated by the Biden campaign and its surrogates, and many of the signatories are past donors or political supporters of Biden. “While we each have different views on the details of economic […]

Senate Colleagues Trying to ‘Destroy’ Conservative Supreme Court

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said on FNC’s “Fox News Sunday” this week that his Senate colleagues are trying to “destroy” the Supreme Court’s conservative majority. “We’ve had a terrible situation where the United States Senate and House of Representatives decide which cases the Supreme Court will hear,” Graham said. “The bill he spoke about died […]