EXCLUSIVE: Oversight Could ‘Destroy’ Biden’s 2024 Campaign, MTG Says

If the FBI hands over internal documents about President Joe Biden’s “pay-to-play” plan to Republican Georgia Rep. There is a possibility of getting evidence to “destroy” the 2020 election campaign. told the Daily Caller. House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer threatened On Wednesday, the FBI will continue to indict Director Christopher Wray for contempt of […]

US debt default could destroy 7 million jobs, analysis shows

FOX Business’s Lauren Simonetti and Stuart Barney analyze the high risks associated with the debt ceiling. The US government is speeding toward the first ever debt default that could have devastating effects on the economy, destroying more than 7 million jobs and triggering a deep recession. According to the latest information Analysis by Moody’s Analytics, […]

Exclusive — Tim Scott on Left’s ‘Culture of Grievance’: ‘I Destroy that Lie’

NORTH CHARLESTON, South Carolina — Senator Tim Scott (R-South Carolina) told Breitbart News EXCLUSIVELY at the start of his presidential campaign on Monday, saying his personal story is “black or brown. If so, then I have a different personality.” The future is not greatness, but dissatisfaction. Scott also revealed plans to lift the spirits of […]

Kirk Cameron says ‘nefarious forces’ want to destroy God and the traditional family, yet offers Christians a message of hope: ‘We can fight it together’

Actor and producer Kirk Cameron, who is also an outspoken Christian, recently targeted some public leaders, calling them “heinous forces” seeking to wipe out God and the nuclear family from American society. . But Cameron argued that such “forces” could be overcome if Christian parents regained control over their families and their children’s education. On […]

Russia tried to destroy US Patriot system in Ukraine

The hypersonic missile Russia launched into Kiev last week was intended to destroy the US-made Patriot air defense system in Ukraine, but the Russian plan failed. Instead, the Ukrainian military used the Patriot system to shoot down a high-tech missile, marking the first known successful use of the equipment since it arrived in Ukraine weeks […]