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Whistleblowers make huge claim about Trump’s security detail

In a letter to the Department of Homeland Security, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) said whistleblowers have alleged that the security team on the day of the assassination attempt on Trump was made up mostly of inexperienced DHS officers and that several procedures typically required for such an incident were omitted. The Missouri senator posted a […]

Trump recalls assassination attempt in chilling detail during RNC speech

Former President Donald Trump recalled a terrifying near-death experience, including the sound of bullets “whisping” when a psychopath gunman tried to assassinate him at a Pennsylvania rally, during his acceptance speech for the Republican 2024 presidential nomination on Thursday. “I will tell you exactly what happened, and you will never hear it from me again, […]

Keen observers noticed a major change in the makeup of Trump’s Secret Service detail

Keen Observer I noticed a big change in the makeup of Trump’s U.S. Secret Service personnel between the time of Saturday’s assassination attempt and when he was arrested. I walked with confidence The Republican National Convention was held in Milwaukee on Monday night. At least three female agents accompanied Trump in Pennsylvania. Their seemingly best […]

Notice Anything Different About Trump’s Secret Service Detail?

Former President Donald Trump walked out at the RNC convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Monday with a bandaged ear and an all male Secret Service detail following his attempted assassination on Saturday in Pennsylvania. See Here: Trump Surrounded By Secret Service Detail. [Twitter/Screenshot/Public/User: DC Draino] The former president walked out surrounded by the “A-Team” of […]

Trump Secret Service detail noticeably reinforced at Republican National Convention

Newly coronated as the 2024 Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump has made his first public appearance since the Saturday assassination attempt against his life. Two days can change everything. As Trump walked to his chair at the Republican National Convention hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it was clear that Saturday’s incident was anything but a […]

RFK Jr. to receive Secret Service protection detail

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced Monday that independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will receive protection from the U.S. Secret Service following the assassination attempt on former President Trump. “In light of the events of this weekend, the president has directed me to work with the Secret Service to provide security for Robert […]

Flashback: Dems Pushed Bill To Take Away Trump’s Secret Service Detail

Months before the shooting at former President Trump’s rally in Butler, Pennsylvania on Saturday, Mississippi Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson introduced a bill in April to fire Trump’s Secret Service unit. The Disgraced Former Protected Persons Act was introduced in April by Rep. Bennie Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat who sits on the House Homeland Security Committee, […]