Police detain angry leftists protesting Riley Gaines’ Real Women’s Day event at Penn State

Police on Tuesday detained two left-wingers enraged by protesting former college swimmer Riley Gaines’ “Real Women’s Day” event at Penn State University. university fix report. Gaines has been an outspoken opponent of men participating in women’s sports and has spearheaded efforts to protect female athletes. Her speech at Penn State University is scheduled for October […]

Military on Border ‘Just Helping Folks Come in’ — We Have to Detain and Send People Back

On Friday’s MSNBC broadcast of “The Jose Díaz-Balart Report,” Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) said solving the surge at the southern border requires detaining people and sending them back, adding that the military said the following: Those sent to the border are “just helping people get into the country.” Moderator Jose Díaz Balart asked, “So Congressman, […]

Polish police briefly detain lawmaker who interrupted prime minister’s speech

Polish police briefly detained a Polish opposition lawmaker on Tuesday for disrupting Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s election speech, in violation of parliamentary privilege. Critics of Morawiecki’s right-wing government condemned the police action as an example of the deterioration of the rule of law. Kinga Gajewska, a lawmaker, interrupted Morawiecki’s speech with a megaphone in the […]

Authorities Use Water Cannons On Eco-Activists, Detain Nearly 2,400 

Dutch authorities used water cannon to clear out thousands of climate change protesters who blocked a highway during Saturday’s protest, Reuters reported. Environmental activists affiliated with Extinction Rebellion’s Dutch arm, Greenpeace and other groups occupied a highway near The Hague to protest the Dutch government’s subsidies to the oil and gas industry. according to to […]

Migrants Rush the Beach in Palm Beach County, Authorities Detain

More than a dozen migrants flooded a beach near Jupiter Cove in Palm County, Florida, on Friday morning after being blocked by authorities, as confirmed in a video obtained by Breitbart News. At least 14 people were arrested in the incident, the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) confirmed Friday. The video, shot by Joey Faigo […]

North Korean Forces Detain American Soldier Who Crossed Border

The United Nations Command said Tuesday that communist North Korea has detained an American who allegedly crossed the Military Demarcation Line (MDL), the border between North and South Korea.US official Said Fox News on Tuesday morning reported that the person was an American soldier. “An American who was on a JSA orientation tour crossed the […]

Track, Detain, and Deport to Deal with Biden’s Border Disaster

ICE has more than 5 million illegal immigrants on its non-custodial record, most of whom face years of court proceedings before judges decide their fate. After the Biden administration ends the use of Title 42 deportation on May 11, this number will continue to balloon. This is a COVID-19-era policy that has allowed the United […]