ChatGPT Developer OpenAI Unveils AI Tool to Generate Video Clips

AI giant OpenAI has announced the latest in its AI system named Sora, which can generate realistic videos from text descriptions. AI-generated deepfake videos are already causing problems online, from fake porn to realistic scam calls, so the emergence of easily created videos comes with the potential for trouble. CNBC report OpenAI, which develops the […]

Developer accused of sexist character design of real woman

South Korean video game director Kim Hyun-tae has been criticized for placing too much emphasis on the design of female characters in his latest project, Stellar Blade. This role-playing style video game focuses on the main female character, Eve, who is one of the few humans left to protect Earth after it is taken over […]

ChatGPT Developer OpenAI Takes a Stand Against AI Girlfriends

OpenAI recently launched the GPT Store, a platform for developers to sell AI apps and tools, but it has taken a stand against relationships with AI, especially AI girlfriends. Despite the company's stated position, app stores are still full of his AI girlfriend apps and “relationship simulators.” gizmodo report GPT Store, recently introduced by OpenAI, […]

OpenAI bans developer of Dean Phillips bot, its first known political restriction

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, has banned the developer of a bot that imitates Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota. This is the company's first restriction on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools by political campaigns and committees. An OpenAI spokesperson confirmed the ban to The Hill on Monday, writing in a […]

OpenAI Bans Developer For Creating Bot That Mimicked US Lawmaker

Dean.Bot was created by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Matt Krisiloff and Jed Somers. Microsoft-backed OpenAI has banned the developer of a bot that imitates Democratic presidential candidate Congressman Dean Phillips. This is the first action the ChatGPT maker has taken against what it deems to be misuse of its artificial intelligence (AI) tools in political campaigns. […]

‘Fortnite’ Developer Epic Games Defeats Google in Landmark Antitrust Case

Epic Games, the company behind popular video games fortnite, Masters of the Universe defeated Google in an antitrust case accusing it of maintaining an app store monopoly, marking a pivotal moment in the continued scrutiny of Big Tech's monopolistic practices. of wall street journal report The legal battle between Google and Epic Games that began […]

NYC developer banks on big-name restaurants to feed office building empire

If you're reading SL Green's annual investment call log, you might wonder if you've landed on by mistake. SL Green's executives, from CEO Mark Holliday on down, are more obsessed with food than any other publicly traded company. The company has made restaurants and food service a key component of its entire Manhattan office […]


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