Kansas bakery owner, Dawn ‘Sis’ Monroe, loses diamond in cookie dough

Customers at a small Kansas bakery may find themselves biting into a different type of dough. The owner of Sis Sweets Cookies & Cafe believes her $4,000 diamond may have fallen into the dough and been baked into the cookies being sold at a local store in Leavenworth. I begged you to help me find […]

Canada’s Mild Winter Disrupts Key Ice Road To Remote Arctic Diamond Mines

Climate change has pushed the world into record-hotter territory in 2023. Toronto: Canada’s unusually warm winter this year has delayed the opening of a 400-kilometre (250-mile) ice road that Rio Tinto, Burgundy Mines and De Beers rebuild each year as the main conduit to access Canada’s diamond mines. . remote arctic region. The Winter Road, […]

Diamond experts from Tampa, Florida share tips to buying the perfect engagement ring

round, cushion, princess, emerald. Settings, prongs and engravings. cut, color, clarity, carat. There are many pieces that make up each engagement ring. 15 tips for preparing the perfect marriage proposal Your loved one will be staring at your sparkling engagement ring every day, so naturally you want to make the right decision. But how? From […]

Man finds 7-carat diamond at Arkansas state park, names gem after his fiancée

Is Arkansas as glamorous as Paris? For one man, the answer appears to be yes. Julien Navas of Paris, France, got lucky earlier this month when he unearthed a 7.46-carat diamond at the Arkansas Crater of Diamonds State Park. ”[The park] It is a magical place where dreams of finding diamonds come true. It was […]

Plane carrying Rio Tinto workers to diamond mine crashes in Canada, resulting in fatalities

Check out what's being clicked on A small plane carrying Rio Tinto employees to the company's Diavik diamond mine in Canada's remote Northwest Territories crashes shortly after takeoff, killing many. The aircraft, identified by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada as a BAE Jetstream, was spotted near the Slave River after departing from Fort […]

Frenchman Discovers Diamond at AR Park

A man from Paris, France, who enjoys America's greatness, encountered something unbelievable in Arkansas on January 11th. Julian Navas during his first trip to the state's Crater of Diamonds State Park. discovered Arkansas State Parks announced in a news release that a 7.46-carat diamond was discovered in the search area. “It's a magical place where […]