‘Civil War’ gives journos their dumb Trump dictator fantasy

Is it really difficult to become a photographer? Maybe this is just the resentment of someone who is paid for their words, but to me it just looks like pointing fingers and shooting. In comparison, this one is digging a ditch. If Garland had spent a $50 million budget building the kind of desperate democracy […]

‘Wannabe Dictator’ Trump Undermining Democracy

Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.) said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that former President Donald Trump is a “wannabe dictator” who is undermining democracy. “We all know in a secret press conference that if Ukraine doesn’t raise more money, we’re going to lose this war to Vladimir Putin. Dictator Vladimir Putin conquers democratic Ukraine. This is the […]

Jesse Watters: This ‘dictator on Day 1’ hoax has done a number on the Democrats

Fox News host Jesse Watters said on Wednesday’s “Jesse Watters Prime Time” that at this stage of the campaign, with President Biden unable to lead former President Trump in a single battleground state, he is “in bed.” He warned that they should not be present. Former ESPN host says Biden interview was all ‘scripted’ by […]

Dolton residents demand ‘Dictator’ Mayor Tiffany Henyard resign

A mob of outraged Illinois residents on Monday demanded the resignation of self-styled “Super Mayor” Tiffany Henyard as the “dictator of Dalton” grappling with multiple scandals of sexual assault and financial embezzlement. The village of Dalton’s monthly board meeting descended into chaos, with 100 people swarming and banging on the door and four board members […]

Bolton claims Trump ‘doesn’t have the brains’ to be a dictator

Former national security adviser John Bolton said in an interview that his former boss, former President Trump, has the “brains” to become a dictator, amid questions about what President Trump’s second term will look like. He said there was no. conservative french outlet store le figaro In an interview published Thursday, Bolton asked Trump whether […]

Grisham on Trump’s meeting with Orbán: ‘He wants to be a dictator’

Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said President Trump’s recent meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban shows that Trump “wants to be a dictator.” “I think you’re looking at a second term for Donald Trump… in that he wants to be strong, he can be tough on his own people, he doesn’t have […]

THIS foreign dictator is sending prisoners to the U.S.

In the wake of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley’s murder by an illegal immigrant, the media is doing everything in its power to completely ignore the real issue of illegal immigration. But Blaze News senior editor Daniel Horowitz has the real statistics and warns that Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro is effectively emptying prisons and sending […]

Trump Is ‘Bowing Down’ to Russian Dictator Putin

Vice President Kamala Harris said Monday on MSNBC’s “The Andrea Mitchell Report” that former President Donald Trump is kneeling to Russian President Vladimir Putin. “We need to do our part and we’ve been clear that the United States Congress has to act,” Harris said. “One of the things that gives me some optimism is that […]

10 times Joe Biden acted like a dictator

The left and its corporate media are panicking again about Donald Trump. This time, they’re calling Trump a wannabe dictator.When the left accuses the right of something, it almost certainly happens. left That’s exactly what we’re doing. So who is really acting like a dictator right now? Joe Biden has ruled like a dictator since […]


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