‘Don’t Displace Dissatisfaction with a Dictatorship’

Joy Behar told her co-hosts on ABC’s “The View” Tuesday that those participating in anti-Israel college campus protests across the country are complicit in electing former President Donald Trump. He said people should be careful because there is a possibility. Co-host Alyssa Farrar Griffin said, “You should take what he says literally. Next time, there […]

Robert DeNiro ranted about the “nightmare” scenario of an actual “dictatorship” if former President Donald Trump were to win the 2024 election during a recent appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Robert De Niro recently appeared on “Real Time with Bill Maher” and described a “nightmare” scenario in which former President Donald Trump would create an actual “dictatorship” if he won the 2024 election. I ranted about it. Ma questioned how Trump could defeat President Joe Biden. HBO talk show host quoted New York Times/Siena poll […]

SCOTUS Immunity Ruling Could Lead to Dictatorship

Whoopi Goldberg, co-host sceneryso authoritarian that the Supreme Court’s decision this week to hear oral arguments on former President Donald Trump’s immunity led to speculation that President Joe Biden could “put every Republican in jail.” There were concerns that this could result in “The Supreme Court won’t hear oral arguments until the end of April. […]

Socialist Dictatorship Threatens To Use Border Crisis To Wrangle Concessions From Biden

The socialist dictatorship is threatening to use the border crisis to extract economic concessions from President Joe Biden. Delcy Rodríguez, vice president of the socialist Venezuelan government, says that if the Biden administration reinstates sanctions on Venezuela’s economy, the country will take similar measures, including suspending repatriation flights for illegal Venezuelan migrants who show up […]

Trump touts word cloud showing ‘revenge,’ ‘dictatorship’ as what voters think his victory would bring

Former President Trump on Tuesday shared a “word cloud” of recent polls showing the former president's political plans are most associated with the words “revenge” and “dictatorship.” Word Cloud, originally posted on Tuesday by dailymail Visualizing the latest findings, voters most often use words like “revenge,” “dictatorship,” “power,” and “America” ​​to describe President Trump's political […]

Nicaragua’s dictatorship versus its prisoner of conscience

Who would have imagined that in the 21st century, an innocent religious leader would be thrown into a high-security prison by a regime that claims to have a functioning democracy? This is exactly what was done to Bishop Rolando Álvarez of the Catholic Diocese of Matagalpa in Nicaragua. Bishop Álvarez, who was imprisoned earlier this […]

Transitioning to dictatorship: What to watch for as we get closer to the 2024 election 

When former President Trump Said Many held their breath, saying that if he was re-elected, he would not become a dictator “except on day one.” After studying presidential transitions for more than a decade, my attention was instead drawn to the critical decisions that the Republican front-runner would make in the coming weeks. President Trump […]

Venezuelan Dictatorship Will Start Seizing Critical Resources From Neighboring Territory ‘Immediately’

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Tuesday that his country needs to begin seizing resources in neighboring territory “immediately,” the Associated Press reported. President Maduro’s referendum on claiming sovereignty over Essequibo, an oil-rich region internationally recognized as part of Guyana, passed with overwhelming support on Sunday. President Maduro has directed Venezuela’s state-owned company to immediately begin […]

Trump ‘More Likely To Drive the Republicans to a Defeat’ Than Dictatorship

FOX News chief political analyst Britt Hume said Monday on FNC’s “Special Report” that former President Donald Trump is “more likely” to lead the Republican Party to defeat in 2024 than a dictatorship. . Hume said, “They predict that he will try to push the country into dictatorship. He will use his second term to […]