Donald’s debate dilemma: He’s his own worst enemy

Donald Trump seems confident he can’t lose in a debate to the man he calls “Corrupt Joe Biden,” a man he says is “the worst president in our country’s history.” . You cannot connect two sentences. ” If they gave away a Nobel Prize for insults, President Trump would already be heading to Oslo to […]

The Conservative Dilemma Over Ukraine

It is pretty clear that the Conservative Movement is splintering over the policies currently espoused over the support of Ukraine.  The most recent Republican Presidential Primary Debate made this even more clear and the differences starker. Mainstream Conservatives like the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal love Nikki Haley and former Vice President Mike […]

Mitchell Robinson injury underscores Knicks’ Isaiah Hartenstein dilemma

Mitchell Robinson’s latest health issues have brought Isaiah Hartenstein’s future to the forefront, both in terms of making the playoffs this season and on Jalen Brunson’s shoulders for the next few years. Robinson was an All-Defensive candidate when he was healthy very early this season and emerged as the NBA’s top offensive rebounder. However, he […]

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu Faces Political Dilemma

On Sunday, Israel’s finance minister urged Netanyahu not to back down from ground attacks. Jerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right allies are ramping up pressure on the embattled prime minister to reject a new ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, threatening to undermine his government if he withdraws from Rafah’s attack on Hamas. It will […]

Trump faces new dilemma on whether to take witness stand

Former President Donald Trump has repeatedly said he will testify in his hush money trial in New York, but a decision this week by the case’s presiding judge may have thrown a wrench into those plans. Judge Juan Merchan ruled on Monday during the trial that prosecutors could ask Trump, if he chooses to take […]

Kentucky has a $33 million John Calipari dilemma after March Madness failure

As Kentucky tries to come to terms with its shocking loss to Oakland in the NCAA Tournament, the program could face some serious questions. Is it time to part ways with legendary head coach John Calipari? There are many layers to the discussion, but the program’s recent tournament shortcomings are starting to raise some concerns […]

Why Jets’ Zach Wilson trade dilemma could reach uncomfortable end

The Zach Wilson trade market may not be as active as a slug colony. The Jets had hoped to move Wilson this offseason, but the outlook is bleak after seeing teams trade other quarterbacks in the 2021 draft class for $1. After Wilson, the Patriots sent Mac Jones, the 13th pick after Wilson, to the […]

Jets must figure out Bryce Huff dilemma to star offseason

Jets fans who were hoping to overcome the disappointing 2023 season and move on to 2024 are about to get their wish fulfilled. The 2024 offseason will heat up even more in the coming weeks. The franchise tag window opens on Tuesday. The NFL Scouting Combine will be held next week, and free agency will […]

Student loans or retirement? Why that may remain a dilemma in 2024. – USA TODAY

Employers are hesitant to offer employees new benefits that allow companies to pay off student loans while saving for retirement, experts say. The SECURE Act 2.0, signed into law in December 2022, includes a provision this year that allows employers to count student loan payments toward matching 401(k) and other retirement contributions for the first […]