Mike Rowe ‘Dirty Jobs’ only job he WON’T do – can’t wash

After eight seasons of “Dirty Jobs,” TV host Mike Rowe has watched just about every one of them. He wrestles poisonous snakes, deals with traffic accidents, inspects shark suits, inspects sewers, embalms corpses, inseminates horses, and performs other nefarious tasks. However, there is one job that he absolutely does not want to do. Many of […]

“Dirty Jobs'” Mike Rowe government’s attack on freelancers

As more and more Americans find ways to work for themselves, the government is doing everything in its power to make it nearly impossible. Under the Corporate Transparency Act, small business owners with fewer than 20 employees and less than $5 million in revenue are forced to register with FinCEN, and failure to do so […]

Kurzweil’s dirty shirt and flawed futurism fall flat

Ray Kurzweil made a rare appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast on Tuesday. For those who don’t know Kurzweil, he is an author and futurist employed by Google, best known for promoting the idea that: singularity. In Kurzweil’s dystopian future, humans can live forever by uploading their consciousness to computers. I certainly would. he also transhumanism […]

Duke’s Kyle Filipowski tripped North Carolina player in intentional dirty play

There may be no greater rivalry in all sports than Duke vs. North Carolina in men’s college basketball. Saturday’s matchup between the top 10 teams had even more significance than usual, with the ACC regular season championship on the line. If Duke wins, Duke and UNC will share the league title, while a victory at […]

Assistant Principal Says 8-Year-Olds Should Access Books ‘Referencing Pornography And Dirty Magazines’

Eight-year-olds should have access to books that “mention pornography and dirty magazines,” an assistant principal said Tuesday at a hearing before the Florida Board of Education. Garrett Jones, assistant principal at Terwilliger Elementary School, was furious about whether sexual literature should be allowed in schools after the book “Melissa,” which features a transgender fourth-grader, sparked […]


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