Jesse Watters calls out disappearing evidence in the Biden family saga

FOX News host Jesse Watters sheds light on the Biden family scandal and responds to Russian election hoax claims.jesse watters prime time. ” Jesse Waters: Another of Biden’s diamonds is missing, and no one knows where it is. The president’s brother, Jim Biden, known as “Jimmy the Chin,” told Congressional investigators that he was the […]

Anthony Kim plots golf return after mysteriously disappearing

It looks like Anthony Kim's legend is headed for a new chapter. Cheeky popular golf star I plan to return to the professional ranks. First reported by after leaving the PGA Tour nearly 12 years ago. Kim has been in negotiations with the PGA Tour and LIV Golf over the past several months to […]

Man Survives 3 Days In Ditch After Disappearing From Breakfast Run To McDonald’s

A Tennessee motorcyclist survived for three days in a ditch after crashing his bike into a tree on his way to McDonald’s breakfast on Sunday. Taylor Boyle, 27, had planned to stop at McDonald’s on Sunday before heading to her nearby home, friends said. according to to the New York Post.rear report Boyle went missing […]

MLB playoffs need fix if best teams keep disappearing

There’s only so much that MLB can fix. This season, a pastime that had resisted major change acknowledged some of its flaws and introduced new rules that were once unthinkable, making it more entertaining. And it worked. The pitch clock averaged 24 minutes shorter for a nine-inning game than the previous season, marking the shortest […]

Iconic southern accent is slowly disappearing with time, linguists say

A joint study led by the University of Georgia and the Georgia Institute of Technology shows that an essential part of what makes the American South unique – its iconic charm – is rapidly disappearing in Georgia. It turns out that this change primarily started with Generation X, the generation born between 1965 and 1982. […]

Missing Defence Minister Li Shangfu Adds To China’s History Of Disappearing Officials

Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu is investigated on corruption charges Beijing: The disappearance of Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu, who is being investigated on corruption charges, is just the latest case of mysterious disappearances of senior officials close to President Xi Jinping. The disappearances are often the first clear sign that an official is under […]