Cavs Hire Kenny Atkinson In Disaster Move, Sources Say: REPORT

News flash! LeBron James is not with the Cleveland Cavaliers anymore, yet his front office spirit tragically lives on. In a “LeGM-like” move, the Cleveland Cavaliers hired Kenny Atkinson to be the next head coach of the team, sources told ESPN. Arguably, James has had his way with the coach of every organization he has […]

Argentina rips ‘disaster’ field for 2024 Copa America

The Argentina national team was stunned by the newly laid grass surface at Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium after their 2-0 win over Canada on Thursday night in the opening match of the 2024 Copa America. “The condition of the pitch was awful,” goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez said. From ESPN. Emiliano Martinez, Argentine goalkeeper. Reuters “It’s very unstable […]

Texas governor issues disaster declaration ahead of Tropical Storm Alberto

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (Republican) A disaster declaration was issued The state is bracing for the year’s first tropical storm, which is set to make landfall in the southern part of the state on Wednesday, and tropical storm-force rains are expected to make landfall near northern Mexico on Thursday. Tropical Storm Alberto will bring strong […]

Disaster Narrowly Avoided In Yet Another Boeing Plane Incident

Federal authorities are investigating an atypical rolling maneuver that occurred during a Southwest flight on a Boeing 737, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) told the Daily Caller. Very bad. Boeing MAX, just two years old, sustains STRUCTURAL DAMAGE in scary “Dutch Roll” which should not happen in modern aircraft. Yet CEO Calhoun got 45% raise […]

Lions sign UFL kicker Jake Bates after fourth-down disaster in NFC title game

The Lions have a new kicker. United Football League guard Jake Bates reportedly signed a two-year contract with Detroit this week. ESPN’s Adam SchefterImproved the team’s kicking power. Bates played for the Michigan Panthers last season and made three field goals of 60 yards or more, including a game-winning 64-yard field goal in March. Schefter […]

‘Jim, Come On’: GOP Rep Tells CNN Host Point-Blank He Knows ‘Good And Well’ Border Bill Would’ve Been ‘Disaster’

Republican Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett told CNN’s Jim Acosta on Friday that the host knows “good and well” that a February Senate border bill would have been disastrous if enacted. The Emergency National Security Supplemental Appropriations Act included additional funds for hiring more immigration judges as well as handling foreign nationals illegally in the United States, […]

Phil Mickelson’s first round at US Open was a total disaster

Phil Mickelson’s miraculous tie for second place at last year’s Masters seems like a distant memory. The 53-year-old LIV golf star had a disastrous performance in the opening round of the 2024 U.S. Open at Pinehurst No. 2 on Thursday, shooting a nine-over 79 and tying for last place among players who tee off in […]

GOP averts disaster in Ohio shocker: 5 takeaways from Tuesday's primaries

Tuesday’s elections in Maine, Nevada, North Dakota and South Carolina featured several races that were closer than expected, posing a test of Donald Trump’s strength as he heads into a rematch with President Biden. But the biggest shock of the night was a low-profile special election in Ohio: In other states, Trump-backed candidates beat their […]

Baltimore shipping channel fully reopened after bridge disaster

Route to the Port of Baltimore Full reopening On Monday night, cargo traffic was allowed into the port at full capacity for the first time since the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed after a collision in March. The bridge was hit by a large cargo ship on its main central support, sweeping the entire bridge […]