Biden DOJ sues Tennessee over law penalizing prostitutes who knowingly expose others to HIV — claims it’s discriminatory

HIV is an incurable autoimmune disease that broadly affects people. 1.2 million Americans, primarily non-heterosexual men. The Biden Justice Department wants to repeal a Tennessee law that could potentially protect even more Americans from infection. A year after suing Tennessee over its ban on child gender reassignment, the Biden Justice Department is suing Tennessee again, […]

Do No Harm drops lawsuit against health journal after it scraps ‘discriminatory’ scholarship requirements

exclusive — The nonprofit organization Do No Harm voluntarily dismissed its lawsuit against Health Affairs, a prominent health policy journal, without prejudice after the racial requirement in the Health Equity Fellowship was eliminated. Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, president of Do No Harm, said his organization is “against discrimination in all its manifestations” and that the Department […]

University slapped with civil rights lawsuit over racially ‘discriminatory’ scholarships

Western Kentucky University (WKU) is facing federal civil rights complaints over a scholarship program deemed to be racially discriminatory. The Legal Insurrection Foundation’s Equal Protection Project (EPP) filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights over the weekend. In its complaint, EPP alleges two scholarships at WKU: the WKU Athletics […]