Disgusted travelers film couple amid ‘sex act’ on British Airways flight

The future is full of trouble. Passengers on a British Airways flight were treated to an obscene scene of a man and woman violently fondling each other under a “scarf” on Tuesday. “But as an adult, it was obvious what they were doing,” passenger Farah, 26, reported to Southwest News Service. A plane full of […]

Veterans disgusted by anti-Israel protests, flag-burning

A group of U.S. military veterans shared their disgust at the wave of anti-Israel protests spreading across college campuses. “They are a disgrace to the United States of America. They are burning the flag and speaking against our country. Aren’t they happy here? If they’re not Americans, they should be deported like everyone else. It’s […]

Megyn Kelly says she’s “disgusted” NY criminal Trump trial

Donald Trump’s hush money trial has begun, marking the first time in U.S. history that a former president has been tried on criminal charges. Trump is being indicted in New York State Supreme Court, as part of which he faces 34 counts of falsifying New York business records to influence the 2016 election. Not only […]

Caitlyn Jenner ‘Disgusted’ with Biden over Transgender Day of Visibility

Former Olympic medal winner Caitlyn Jenner has slammed President Joe Biden for declaring Easter Sunday 2024 “Transgender Visibility Day.” “I am absolutely disgusted that Joe Biden, who calls himself a devout Catholic, has declared the holiest day to be Transgender Visibility Day,” Jenner said. I have written Saturday on X (formerly Twitter). “The only thing […]

Britt Reid’s reduced sentence leaves young victim’s family ‘disgusted’

Missouri Gov. Mike Parsons has decided to commute the sentence of former Chiefs assistant coach Britt Reid, but the family of a 5-year-old girl who was injured in an accident while Reid was on legal disability are disappointed in the decision. I felt disgusted.” A statement released by Ariel Young’s family and their attorney questioned […]

McDonald’s Big Mac lovers disgusted by how onions are prepared: ‘I feel sick’

This onion might make you cry. Big Mac-loving fast food lovers are in for a rude awakening as McDonald’s staff exposes the ugly truth about how they prepare the once-beloved burger’s toppings. are doing. “This is how we make onions,” began Mickey D’s chef Hussain. Published in viral video A seemingly sneaky vegetable process. “First, […]