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Disinformation, Censorship, and Information Warfare in the 21st Century

Estimated Reading Time: 9 minutes In recent years, prominent national security officials and media outlets have raised alarm about the unprecedented effects of foreign disinformation in democratic countries. In practice, what they mean is that democratic governments have fallen behind in their command of the methods of information warfare in the early 21st century. As […]

MSNBC Analyst Suggests Black Voters Shifting To Trump Because Of ‘Disinformation’

The New York Times’ Mara Gay on Tuesday suggested a main factor for the increase in black voters backing former President Donald Trump is that they are vulnerable to “disinformation campaigns.” CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten on Monday said Trump is “careening towards a historic performance” with black voters in the 2024 election as […]

‘Disinformation’ that Obama led a senile Biden off stage?

The White House has said reports that President Biden walked away from the G7 leaders watching the parachutists are “fake information.” Biden may have had a similar moment over the weekend, despite his administration’s insistence that the president would never do such a thing. The moment in question allegedly occurred when former President Barack Obama […]

A deep state-tied Ukrainian group just put me on a ‘disinformation watch list’

On Thursday, textThe outlet, which claims to be an independent media outlet with an editor-in-chief with ties to the US State Department, included dozens of US politicians, activists and media outlets, including The Blaze Media and me, in a list of people who have allegedly spread Russian disinformation and anti-Ukraine statements. The outlet published an […]

Ukrainian outlet with ties to US State Department puts Blaze Media on ‘Russian disinformation’ watchlist

A Ukrainian publication with an editor-in-chief with ties to the US State Department has included dozens of US politicians, activists and media outlets, including Blaze Media, on its list of people who have allegedly shared “Russian disinformation” or made “anti-Ukrainian statements.” On Thursday, Texty.org described itself as an “independent media outlet” that blends a “data […]

Ex-Intel Officials Don’t Regret Suggesting Laptop Was Russian Disinformation

None of the signatories to the infamous spy dossier that called reports about Hunter Biden’s laptop “Russian disinformation” ahead of the 2020 election have retracted their fabricated claims, according to reports. The 51 signatories to the letter likely knew the allegations were false because the FBI had possession of Hunter’s laptop at the time, and […]