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New safety rules set training standards for train dispatchers and signal repairmen

New federal certification rules for train dispatchers and signal repairmen finalized Monday set minimum standards to counter investor pressure for continued cost reductions on railroads, while also requiring these employees to will ensure that they have the skills necessary to operate all the high-tech systems on today’s trains. The new Federal Railroad Administration rules are […]

JFK dispatchers charged in bribery scheme to let cabbies skip the line

There is no freight charge. Queens authorities accuse nine taxi dispatchers at John F. Kennedy Airport of participating in a “reprehensible” scheme in which they took thousands of dollars in bribes from taxi drivers to cut passenger boarding lines. did. The Port Authority began receiving complaints in 2022 that some dispatchers were accepting cash from […]

Family of Kansas woman killed in apartment fire blames 911 dispatchers’ mistakes

The family of 22-year-old Paoli Bedeschi, who died in a Wichita, Kansas, apartment fire on October 13th, is blaming the 911 dispatch center that handled the incident for her death. The local firefighters union is pushing for an investigation into Sedgwick County’s emergency services infrastructure due to “systemic issues,” including failing to provide firefighters with […]