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Democrats in Trump districts are saying Trump is going to win: ‘I’m OK with that’

House Democrats from districts that lean toward former President Donald Trump have publicly declared that he will win the presidential election following President Joe Biden’s awful debate performance last week. The admissions came as Democrats began to voice doubts about whether Biden can save his campaign. Congresswoman Marie Grusenkamp Perez of Washington’s 3rd District said: […]

California’s new fast food minimum wage law poses headaches for school districts

California’s new $20-an-hour minimum wage for fast food workers will not only impact consumers who must pay higher prices for menu items, but also mean that some public schools will be forced to pay lower-paid cafeteria staff. Retaining employment may become more difficult. Cash-strapped school districts in the Golden State could be forced to compete […]

Trump Leads Biden in Battleground Districts

A recent Signal poll found former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden in the battleground state. investigation Examined They are likely general election voters in battleground states across the country, including races in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. According to the poll, Trump leads Biden in a head-to-head poll […]

GA bill would keep state aid for school districts that lower property taxes

Some Georgia school districts could see their property tax rates reduced under a House bill that would allow school districts with fewer real estate assets to continue receiving state aid even if their property tax rates are lowered. The House passed House Bill 987 161-12 on Tuesday, sending it to the Senate for further discussion. […]

Appellate panel hesitant to overturn NC Senate districts in redistricting suit

An appeals court on Thursday argued that boundaries approved by the Republican-controlled Legislature illegally weakened the ability of a broad swath of black voters to elect candidates they support in North Carolina’s new Senate seat starting this year. It considered a petition seeking an injunction to stop the use of the two electoral districts. . […]