Giuliani dodged paying legal fees in election worker defamation case, attorneys claim

Rudy Giuliani has failed to comply with a judge’s order to provide lawyers for two Georgia election officials with information that will allow them to collect costs in a defamation case. lawyers argue. A federal judge ruled last month that Giuliani had defaulted and lost the case. Election officials Ruby Freeman and Shay Moss sued […]

TWA pilot who ‘dodged’ hijacked plane on 9/11 an unsung hero

Twenty-two years later, the TWA pilot who narrowly avoided collision with a hijacked plane heading for the attacks on the World Trade Center and the U.S. Capitol on September 11, 2001 is still remembered as an unsung hero. ing. This little-known event is lost in the history of 9/11, when 2,977 people were killed in […]

Solar companies dodged tariffs, Commerce says

The Department of Commerce released the following findings on Friday: Five Companies Avoid Tariffs on Chinese Solar Components by way of another country. However, these companies not yet subject to taxas President Biden waived solar import tariffs until June 2024. Nonetheless, proponents of the solar industry lamented the findings, saying: It damages the climate friendly […]


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