Woke-Poisoned Hollywood Has Doomed the Once-Unbeatable Movie Industry

Hollywood, and especially the film industry, is entering a legal, serious, and potentially deadly phase. Nobody likes movies anymore. Audience goodwill, the key to a healthy industry, is quickly evaporating. Sure, there are some recent hits. Avatar: Path of Water It became the second highest gross (not taking inflation into account) in the world in […]

If The Florida Model Goes National Ahead Of 2024, Democrats Might Be Doomed

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has unveiled a new tax cut plan for 2024 that gives Democrats a lot to worry about. $138.7 million Permanent sales tax exemption on items intended for children under the age of 5, including clothing, shoes, diapers, and all baby wipes. $3.9 million Permanent sales tax exemption for cots and strollers […]