Biden’s camp confident he’s up to rigors of campaigning, even amid doubts

When President Biden announces his candidacy for re-election in the coming weeks, he will enter a grueling phase of 18 months of constant travel, sprinting from battleground state to battleground state. Expect a very different presidential election cycle from 2020, when Biden campaigned largely from the comfort of his basement in Delaware at the height […]

Leon Edwards erases doubts in masterful UFC 286 title defense

Some of Leon Edwards’ first words after he usurped the Welterweight Championship last August turned into half speeches, half yells. “Look at me now!” he said that night in Salt Lake City. As great as his comeback, Kamaru Usman’s headkick knockout was, Edwards should have issued a warning that what was to come would somehow […]

COVID vaccine maker Novavax notes ‘substantial doubts’ about its future

Vaccine company Novavax, which makes the COVID-19 vaccine, says it has “significant doubts” about its ability to remain in business in the long term. Novavax says current cash flow projections should support near-term business, but “significant uncertainty” about earnings in 2023, U.S. government funding and ongoing arbitrations jeopardizes the company’s prospects for the future He […]

White House endorses gain of function research, still doubts COVID lab-leak

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration insisted Monday that there was no “consensus” left over whether COVID-19 leaked from a Chinese lab. Pandemic. Spokesperson Carine Jean-Pierre and National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said the Department of Energy updated its stance, saying COVID-19 was likely a laboratory leak. expressly refused to confirm the report. “We don’t […]