GOP downplays importance of budget with debt ceiling looming

House Republicans have downplayed the importance of the GOP budget in the context of debt ceiling negotiations, acknowledging that their blueprint may not be finalized until the Congress learns about moves to raise the federal borrowing limit. suggests. This is a big change for Republicans after hardline lawmakers during a 15-vote election for the chairman […]

Pentagon Chief Downplays Chances of Military Victory for Ukraine

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said the war would likely end in negotiations, downplaying the chances of a military victory for Ukraine. In an interview with CNN taped on Thursday, Austin was asked, “Do you think Ukraine can win this in the end?” Austin did not say yes, but instead said that “Ukraine’s goal is […]

Buttigieg downplays toxic train derailment disaster in Ohio and gets excoriated online

Transportation chief Pete Buttigieg denounced his response to the environmental disaster caused by a train derailment in Ohio in a short clip online. Buttigieg appeared on Yahoo! finance to tout the Biden administration’s policies to encourage the use of electric vehicles, when asked how future derailments could be avoided. “You see, rail safety has evolved […]

Biden downplays Chinese spy balloon, claims ‘not a major breach’

President Biden on Thursday downplayed the significance of a Chinese reconnaissance balloon that flew over the continental United States before it was shot down off the coast of South Carolina last week, saying it was “not a serious offense.” The 80-year-old president explained in an interview Telemundo The amount of intelligence gathering carried out by […]