Two manatees dubbed ‘Romeo and Juliet’ to be freed from Florida aquarium

This version of Romeo and Juliet could have a happy ending. Two elderly manatees who have lived in “ever-deteriorating conditions” at a Florida aquarium since 1956 will be relocated after complaints from animal rights groups and a damning report by the Department of Agriculture about conditions at the zoo. became. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife […]

Rotten apple: New York dubbed ‘least free state’ in country in new study

“Land of the Brave and Home of the Free” applies to most of the United States, with the exception of the Empire State, which has been named the “least free state.” According to a new study. The report, conducted by the Cato Institute, showed New York ranked last among 50 states for 2022 policies affecting […]

Girl born with ‘werewolf syndrome’ dubbed ‘child from heaven’ by royals

Throne your hair. A two-year-old girl whose body was covered in hair due to a rare disease melted hearts when she met a Malaysian monarch who called her “a child from heaven.” “I’m still at a loss for words,” the baby’s father Roland Zimbai, 47, told Newsflash about the royal meeting that took place in […]

17 sets of twins start school in town dubbed ‘Twinverclyde’

These teachers see double, many times more. With the first day of school approaching, 17 sets of twins are ready to start school this fall. catch? They are all from the same town of Inverclyde, Greenock, Scotland, aptly nicknamed ‘Twinverclyde’. St. Patrick’s Elementary School and Ardgowan Elementary School each welcomed three sets of twins to […]

Robot security guard dubbed ‘secret agent man’ deployed to patrol Ohio sidewalks

A shopping mall in Ohio is putting cutting-edge AI technology into its safety team and deploying 400-pound robotic security guards. “He’s our secret agent,” Crocker Park vice president of marketing Stacey Schmidt told local media. “He’s the newest member of the security team here at Crocker Park.” Crocker Park is an open-air shopping mall in […]


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