Boston Dynamics’ creepy robotic canine dances in sparkly blue costume

As the world celebrated #InternationalDanceDay, a unique duo took to the stage – or rather, the screen – to perform a different kind of choreography. Spot, a four-legged robot developed by Boston Dynamics, has found a new friend in Sparkles, a dazzlingly dressed robot designed to explore the fusion of robotics, art, and entertainment. Dog-shaped […]

‘Creepy’ Boston Dynamics robot dog dances in glittery blue costume

Humans are not the only ones at risk of being replaced by robots. A video of Boston Dynamics’ iconic robot dog Spot dancing in a blue dog costume stunned social media users, with many calling the dog cosplay “nightmare fuel.” “Sparkles is a custom costume designed specifically for Spot,” the robotics company wrote in the […]

Boston Dynamics introduces latest humanoid robot; retires older Atlas

This technology company is flipping the switch to the future. However, some worry that the future is a little too close to his sci-fi horror movie. Boston Dynamics unveiled its latest real-world humanoid robot on Wednesday. A robotics company has announced that it has developed an all-electric robot called Atlas that will peacefully rust away […]

Riley Strain’s missing belt ‘changes dynamics’ of mysterious Nashville death

Riley Strain was wearing a belt the night she disappeared, and loved ones believe the missing clothing “raises further questions” about the college student’s mysterious death. “As soon as we found out he had the belt that night, everyone we talked to about it was like, ‘Wow, this completely changes why the article is gone,’” […]

Boston Dynamics’ robot dog can now speak thanks to AI

Boston Dynamics’ dog-shaped robot spot, Now I can speak Thanks to ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence models, robotics companies have recently announced. The company takes its quadrupedal robot on a fully interactive tour featuring multiple personas, including a “flamboyant butler,” a 1920s archaeologist, a teenager, a Shakespearean time traveler, and a sarcastic Josh. I changed […]

Fed Pausing, Increasing Inflation Forecast Seems Driven by ‘Internal Political Dynamics’ — No Clear ‘Durable Reduction in Inflation’

Harvard professor and economist, chairman of the National Economic Council under President Barack Obama, and finance minister under President Bill Clinton, in an interview aired on Bloomberg’s Wall Street Week on Friday. Secretary Larry Summers insisted we had “no permanent cuts.” The Fed’s move to suspend rate hikes while revising forecasts “towards a stronger economy […]

‘Dynamics of Downtown’ San Francisco Leads to Nordstrom Exit from City

Nordstrom plans to close two stores in downtown San Francisco after 35 years due to changing “downtown dynamics,” the retailer announced Tuesday. Nordstrom Rack will close on July 1st and Westfield Mall Nordstrom will close at the end of August. san francisco standard report.BThe 375,000-square-foot retail space between the two stores will be completely empty […]