US embassy in Baghdad struck by more than a dozen rockets in early morning attack

The US embassy in Baghdad was attacked by several rockets on Friday morning, causing minor property damage but no casualties, US and Iraqi officials said. At around 4:15 a.m. Friday, an explosion was heard near the embassy in the Iraqi capital. An embassy spokesperson later confirmed that the US embassy had been hit by two […]

Falling Inflation in October May Have Been Haunted by Early Holiday Sales

St. Nicholas came down the chimney at his limit…October Christmas came early for many U.S. consumers this year, which may have played a role. Fantastic fall in inflation and retail spending. You may have noticed a change in your own spending. In recent years, U.S. consumers have started doing a significant amount of their holiday […]

Alzheimer’s blood test could hit the market in early 2024, researchers say

Can it be determined with a simple blood test? Alzheimer’s disease Years before symptoms appeared? New research from Resonant Utah biotech companies Researchers developing diagnostic tests for neurodegenerative diseases suggest it may be possible. Researchers said their new test achieved 100% accuracy in distinguishing between patients with Alzheimer’s disease and patients with mild cognitive impairment […]

Lions hold off Saints as Derek Carr leaves early after big hit

In the New Orleans Saints’ 33-28 home loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday, quarterback Derek Carr was injured and left the game yet again. On 3rd-and-17 near midfield, Carr dropped to a pass that appeared to lead to a comeback for the Saints, who trailed 33-21 in the fourth quarter. However, Lions defensive end […]